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Known as one of the friendliest places on earth, Jamaica is the perfect backdrop for saying your "I do's" in the Carribean with a smile on your face! Known for its golden-sand beaches and free spirited atmosphere, it's little wonder that so many people are on the hunt for a Jamaica wedding venue. The legal requirements for getting married in Jamaica are to simply be in the country for over 24 hours, a clergyman or marriage officer to serve as your officiant, passport, birth certificate, the occupations of the bride and groom, and two non-familial witnesses. You can also get legally married before your destination wedding to simplify the process. Currently, same sex destination weddings in Jamaica are frowned upon. However, there's hope that the openness of other Carribean countries will eventually influence Jamaica to become more LGBTQ+ friendly. Still, this laid back island can make for a truly breathtaking and relaxing getaway for any couple.

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Jamaica is the Carribean's third-largest island, meaning that is has over 4,244 square miles to offer destination wedding couples and guests alike! Consider saying "I do" in Negril, a famed seven-mile stretch of gorgeous coastlines characterized by bright blue seas and dramatic cliff sides. Some of the most beautiful Jamaica wedding venues live in Negril, from stunning all-inclusive resorts to one-of-a-kind private villas. If you're hoping to throw an unforgettable party, consider tying the note in Montego Bay, one of the island's most famous destinations for beachside ceremonies and vibrant nightlife. You can also say your vows in Ocho Rios before a backdrop of towering waterfalls and breathtaking gorges. These are only some of the beautiful locations you can find for your Jamaica destination wedding.

Jamaica wedding prices are far more affordable than the average wedding in the United States. Thanks to the island's all inclusive resorts, you can easily do a Jamaica wedding on a budget. The typical Jamaica wedding package can cost anywhere between $2,000 for a basic wedding to $20,000 for a luxurious affair. Aside from the affordable price, one of the best parts of hosting a wedding at an all inclusive hotel is the ease of planning. All inclusive wedding packages provides you the opportunity to step back and let the experts take care of every detail, all tailored to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Simply show up, promise yourself to your beloved forever, and then have an unforgettable day enjoying everything that Jamaica has to offer!

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