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26 Wedding Midnight Snack Ideas We Love

Dec 21, 2020
By Wedding Spot

You may have figured out your cocktail hour, main meal, and dessert, but what about after the dinner portion of the night is over, when you’re hours into dancing and guests start to get hungry? Worry not, because we’ve got you covered with wedding midnight snack ideas to satisfy all of your guests — and maybe even “wow” them along the way!

Explore 26 of our favorite wedding midnight snack ideas:

Party favor midnight snack ideas

First up on our list of wedding midnight snack ideas are options that don’t just serve as food, but double as party favors, too! Have them presented on a table when guests exit the reception so they can fill their bellies up on their way home.

1. Snack boxes. Whether you choose a sandwich box with chips and a cookie or an In-N-Out burger box with fries, we love the idea of having a mini-meal boxed up and ready for guests to grab on their way out. 

2. Popcorn. The fun thing about popcorn is that there are so many options to season it with. Have a station set up at the reception exit with cheddar, caramel, spicy, and buttered popcorn for a quick and easy midnight snack. Companies like The Popcorn Bar and The Popcorn Factory are great options to consider.

3. To-go cake. By the time it’s time to cut the cake, it’s very possible that guests have already filled up from cocktail hour and the main course. So instead of serving cake earlier in the night, save it and send it home with guests as they leave the reception.

4. Churros. Who doesn’t love churros?! Add some delicious toppings like caramel or whipped cream and you’ve got the perfect exit snack.

5. Hand pies. Whether you choose a sweet apple or a savory meat, hand pies are the perfect grab and go snack for guests to take home with them.

6. Cotton candy. For a fun and unexpected midnight snack, treat your guests to cotton candy! The presentation can range from your classic cotton candy on a stick to a more non-traditional, but classy, plastic martini glass.

Tray-passed wedding midnight snack ideas

If you’re looking to bring the midnight snacks to your guests without them having to do any of the leg work, consider the option of tray-passed bites.

7. Coffee/hot chocolate and donuts. We’ve seen quite a few variations of the coffee and donut wedding midnight snack option over the years, but our favorite is the tray-passed version. Have mugs of coffee and hot chocolate with either a donut hole or a classic donut sitting on top so guests can just grab what they want without issue.

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8. Quesadillas. Quesadillas are the perfect tray-passed snack because they’re bite-sized, easy to eat, and not very messy.

9. Ice cream sandwiches. Well, this is a no-brainer. What’s better than an ice cream sandwich that comes directly to you when you’re coming off the dance floor?

10. Milk and cookies. Add a touch of nostalgia to your wedding food with the ultimate classic: milk and cookies. You can even put the milk in a shot glass and set the cookie on top for a very adult presentation. This idea works especially well if you’re planning on having a winter wonderland wedding or a holiday-themed affair.

11. Espresso shots. This is less of a snack and more of an essential if you’re planning on hosting an after-party. Tray passed espresso shots might be our favorite on the list just because it is so unique and a great way to keep the celebration going.  

12. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you want to add some warm comfort food into the mix to top off your magical evening (perhaps for your fall wedding?), look no further than tomato soup and grilled cheese. This is another snack that has many different presentation options, which we love.

13. Corn dogs. Corn dogs are symbolic of fun. Amusement parks, carnivals, backyard BBQs, you name it! Plus, they are so easy to serve as a tray-passed snack, and even easier for guests to eat as they dance the night away.

14. Kabob skewers. The beauty of kabob skewers is two-fold. One, you can really customize them depending on seasonal availability and dietary restrictions. And second, they’re incredibly easy to eat!

15. Your favorite fast food. Do you and your significant other frequent late-night McDonalds runs? Was your first date at a Taco Bell? Do you really love Chick-fil-A? Even if you didn’t answer yes to any of these, consider working with a local fast food chain to get meals delivered on your big day.

Self-serve wedding midnight snack ideas

For a less formal midnight snack option, go with a self-serve station so guests can chow down at their own leisure. This option will likely cost less as well since servers won’t be needed to distribute the food.

16. Taco truck. Because what’s better than a late-night taco?

17. Pizza. The main benefit of pizza is that it’s super easy. Just pre-order a few pies and have them delivered towards the end of the night. Done and done.

18. Soft pretzel stand. Soft pretzels are a great way to fill up at the end of a late night. Incorporate different toppings and sauces into your pretzel stand so guests can customize each one to their liking.

19. French fry bar. We’re obsessed with this one. Picture this: Regular fries, sweet potato fries, yucca fries, and then a variety of spices and sauces so each guest can customize their ultimate fry fantasy.

20. Burger truck. This one rivals the taco truck for sure. Delicious, greasy, and exactly what we’d want at the end of a night of dancing and partying.

21. Ice cream truck. If you’re looking for a whimsical experience for your guests, trigger their nostalgia with an ice cream truck! If possible, include some frozen yogurt and non-dairy options, too.

22. Anything in a jar. This one sounds vague, but it’s the truth. You can go sweet with a strawberry shortcake or banana pudding or go savory with seven-layer dip or deconstructed sushi. The options are endless!

23. Trail mix bar. Another amazing option if you’re looking for a wedding midnight snack idea that is super customizable. Have separate jars for pretzels, peanuts, almonds, coconut flakes, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and more with containers so guests can scoop whatever amount of each category they’d like.

24. S’mores station. We love the idea of a customizable s’mores station with different varieties of chocolate to top off your delicious treat.

25. Baked potato bar. Create a unique snack bar with both sweet and regular potatoes, a variety of cheeses, bacon bits, chives, and even throw some veggies in there for good measure!

26. Biscuit bar. If your wedding vibe leans more southern, a biscuit bar is calling your name. It can be simple with a variety of jams and butter or you can get a little more extravagant with meats like chicken or country ham and even bacon and eggs!

Put these wedding midnight snack ideas to good use!

Now that you’ve sorted out your midnight snack, make sure you plan what additional party favors you’d like to send your guests home with on their way out. Take a look at our list of affordable wedding gifts for guests to ensure that they all know how grateful you are that they’re a part of the most special day of your lives.

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