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The 7 Coolest Wedding Transportation Ideas

Feb 19, 2019
By Wedding Spot

When it comes to the big day, you can get creative with just about everything -- even your wedding transportation ideas! Having unique transportation that suits your wedding’s theme can be a fun way to reinforce the atmosphere of the big day.

Explore some of our favorite wedding transportation ideas you should try:

1. Golf cart

Who doesn’t love cruising around on a golf cart? This mode of transport is ideal for couples having a luxurious wedding or for couples who are staying close to their wedding venue. For a little extra touch, be sure to decorate the golf cart!

2. Vintage vehicle

Who doesn’t love a beautiful antique car? Perfect for couples who are hosting their big day at a historic manor or other venue, an antique car is a great way to enter or exit your wedding in style.

3. Horse and carriage

You can’t beat that classic fairytale vibe. Make a grand entrance at your ceremony or make a truly unforgettable exit to your reception!

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4. Tandem bicycle

This quirky mode of transportation is not just absolutely adorable, but also an affordable way to get from one place to another. You can even use it as a one-of-a-kind prop for taking wedding photos!

5. Rowboat

There are few modes of transportation more romantic than a rowboat. This is the perfect mode of transport if you are in a city park with a beautiful pond or hosting your big day at a waterfront venue.

6. Taxi

Having a glamorous city affair? Hit that atmosphere home by taking a taxi to and from your wedding day! If you want to go that extra mile, you can even rent a classic yellow taxi for knockout wedding photos.

7. Party bus

Not only is a party bus fun, but it’s also the ultimate way to treat your friends if you’re having a smaller wedding. Have everyone participate in your grand entrance or exit!

Now you have some wedding transportation ideas to try!

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