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Our Favorite Neon Wedding Sign Ideas

Mar 27, 2023
By Wedding Spot

Electrify your wedding decor with a modern touch! A neon wedding sign is a fun and funky way to surprise and delight guests. Plus, we love how versatile neon wedding signs can be. Whether you’re jazzing up the photo wall or lighting up the dance floor, a neon wedding sign will make your wedding feel that much more unique.

Even if your wedding venue isn’t too keen on hanging decorations from the walls, there’s a neon wedding sign out there that fits your needs. For example, neon wedding signs look great on top of tables, in windows, and even hung from an archway! The possibilities are endless, so don’t think you have to rule one out just because of the logistics.

Now that you know you absolutely can have your dream neon wedding sign at your celebration, we have to warn you about the options. And there are so many options! From the colors to the font to the text itself, this completely customizable piece of décor, you have tons of options to choose from. That’s exactly why we created this guide.

Follow along as we explore all the creative ways wedding planners, venues, and couples have incorporated neon wedding signs into their ceremony and reception.

20 groovy neon wedding sign ideas

1. Go goth with a red neon wedding sign

We love this emo “Til Death” neon wedding sign in blood red. It’s perfect for a Halloween or gothic themed wedding.

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2. Add a neon moon

Outline your text with a giant neon moon or star. You can use phrases like “to the moon & back” inside.

3. Create a neon safari scene

Having a tropical ceremony or reception? Why not bring in some fun animals such as neon giraffes, elephants, or dolphins? Add in neon Monstera leaves and palm trees to fill out the scene.

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4. Use loopy cursive

Font plays a big factor in the look and feel of your neon wedding sign. This loopy cursive “All you need is Love” neon wedding sign is a great example of a romantic, boho neon wedding sign.

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5. Do a custom table lightbox

A table lightbox is a neon sign that spans the entire front of your sweetheart or bridal party table. It outlines the box with neon and includes a neon saying inside too. A large scale neon table lightbox sign makes a splash and looks great in photos.  

6. Display your new name

Order a custom neon sign with your family name on it like this couple did.

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7. Go with hollow lettering

There is something extra fancy about a neon wedding sign that uses hollow lettering instead of single line fonts. This “just love” neon wedding sign is a great example of how this can elevate the look.

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8. Display it on a wood easel

Can’t hang anything on your venue walls but still love neon wedding signs? Easy—just put it on an easel! Mount on to a wood plank and place on a matching wood easel to pull off the perfect blend of rustic and modern.

9. Display “you’re my person” at the altar

A neon wedding sign with the saying “you’re my person” would be an incredible backdrop for your ceremony photos. It’s also great for your reception when placed above the sweetheart table.

10. Tell your new husband/wife what you want

We adore this “shut up and kiss me” neon wedding sign. Those who want to incorporate a little cheekiness into their reception decor will love this option.

11. Hang “Happily Ever After” from an arch

Who doesn’t love a good wedding arch? Make it extra special by hanging your neon wedding light from one. Bonus: sayings like “Happily Ever After” make a great photobooth and wedding photo backdrop!

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12. Combine a neon sign with florals

How stunning is this floral neon wedding sign display? The flowers and greenery are overlapped by the sign itself, creating a multidimensional affect. It’s also a genius way to cover up the wiring.  

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13. Display “Drink” above your bar

Want to add just a touch of neon without making it the focal point of your design? Adding a small saying to a related display will do the trick. We love how well the “Drink” neon sign in this example complements the florals in front of the rolling bar.

14. Add your initials

Create a neon wedding sign that has the first letter of your first names combined with a plus or ampersand sign, like in this example.

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Complete the look by placing it behind your wedding arch or inside a neon heart.

15. Put “but first, bubbles” above the champagne

Make your toasting station stand out even more with a neon wedding sign that says “but first, bubbles” hanging above it. Match the color of the neon to the labels on the champagne to bring the whole look together.

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16. Add your wedding year

This couple chose to display a neon wedding sign with their last name and “Est 2021” to mark the year of their wedding for photos. You can also write out the full date or use the number format MM.DD.YY.

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17. Spell out “truly, madly, deeply”

Spelling out your favorite romantic lyrics for your neon wedding sign is always a good idea! In general though, the phrase “truly, madly, deeply” isn’t automatically associated with any particular band, so feel free to use this charming saying for your own decor.

18. Put an “x” at the end

Adding an “x” (as in "xoxo") to whatever neon wedding sign phrase you choose is like flourishing it with a little kiss. This small addition makes any wedding decor piece that much flirtier and fun. This “It Was Always You x” neon wedding sign proves our point.

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19. Tell everyone that “Love Rocks”

Simple yet charming, a neon wedding sign that says “Love Rocks” would go nicely with a rock and roll or 70’s themed wedding.

20. Use another language

If you or your partner want to celebrate your heritage, why not choose a neon sign with a phrase in a language other than English? This “mi amor” sign is a great example of how easy it is to personalize a neon wedding sign in any language.

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How to choose a neon wedding sign

You have three options when it comes to choosing a neon sign for your big day. First, you can source your own neon wedding sign from big box stores, like TJ Maxx, or at estate sales and thrift shops. This option will likely be more affordable, you’ll get the thrill of treasure hunting, and you’ll feel the satisfaction of creatively reusing a neon sign with an interesting story as you begin to write a new one for you and your partner.
The biggest issue with this route, however, is that you’re not guaranteed to find the perfect sign, even if you turn on the Craigslist notifications and call all your local antique stores on restock days.

Our personal recommendation? If you’re already a big thrifter, add it to your wishlist, and make a habit of calling around your favorite stores every couple of weeks. Set a deadline for finding one that gives you wiggle room to place an order for a custom neon sign that will be delivered well before the wedding just in case.

Your second option for choosing a neon wedding sign is to rent one. This route is great if you want a really large, statement-making piece as the focal point of your design. If you just want to add a little flair to the cupcake space then it makes more sense to buy one you can give away or reuse in the future.

But if you’re looking to make a big impression, companies such as Howdy Dudey Neon offer a range of neon signs with fun sayings like “I was made for loving you, baby”, “Foreva eva? Foreva eva?”, and “It was always you”. Other popular options include “Mr. & Mrs.” and “Love is Love”.

And finally, your third option for choosing a neon wedding sign is to order a custom one. When designing your perfect neon sign, think about how it will be used long after your big day. Do you want to reuse it for parties or in your own home? Do you want to resell or donate it later? Your long-term goals with this reusable piece can help you narrow down your wishlist.

Once you have that vision sorted out, you can choose a color that pops against your palette (think neon pink against an orange and beige color scheme) or a neutral color (white or off white). Also consider where in the venue it will live. The colors surrounding your neon sign can either help it blend in or stand out in the daylight, depending on what look you’re going for.

You now know everything you need to have a rad neon wedding sign at your wedding!

No matter where they are displayed or what they say, neon wedding signs are a fun surprise for any wedding. Whether you choose to write out your names or a phrase, there is a neon wedding sign available in any style you can think of.

Up next, create even more cool wedding decor displays with these eye-popping wedding ceiling decor ideas!

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