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30 Champagne Wall Ideas to Amp Up Your Wedding

Nov 14, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Every wedding needs that one standout feature that will surprise and delight guests, and champagne walls do all that and more! If you feel like your wedding reception needs a design focal point (and some more bubbly), all you have to do is bring in this completely customizable decor piece that doubles as a fun reception experience. Already saying “cheers to that”? Then you’ll love these wedding champagne wall ideas.

Champagne walls are a straightforward option with a complicated execution. You can build your own, rent, or buy one. You can hire a bartender to keep it freshened up throughout the evening or make your servings one and done for the toast. You can even personalize the design from the colors right down to the number and display pattern for the champagne glasses themselves. And we haven’t even started talking about the wine yet!

The good news is the entire process of planning and choosing one of the many champagne wall ideas out there comes down to answering these simple clarifying questions:

●    How many adult guests will the champagne wall serve?
●    Will you do one serving of champagne or keep it flowing throughout the night?
●    Will the champagne wall be open for all of your wedding and/or reception? If not, when will it close?
●    Who will be in charge of setting it up?
●    Who will monitor it for refills and cleaning?
●    Will you serve one type of sparkling wine or multiple?
●    Will you include mix-ins and cocktail napkins in your display?
●    What style would you like the board holding the glasses to be?
●    How will you light your champagne wall?
●    Where and how will your champagne wall be displayed?

If you have even a general sense of what your answers to these questions are then you’re already ahead of the game! Remember, even having a champagne wall at all will be a unique twist on your theme, create a fun activity for guests while they’re waiting for photos, and create that “wow” moment we all know and love!

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Our top 30 most-loved champagne wall ideas

No matter what your budget or venue layout looks like, we’ve got some amazing champagne wall ideas you’re sure to fall head over heels for! Explore the real-life examples and stunning photos below as a jumping-off point for the champagne wall of your dreams.

1. Rent a stunning cream-colored arched champagne wall

The black cursive font that says “Cheers Babe” in this example can easily be swapped out for other sayings such as “Congrats” or “A Toast the Happy Couple”.

2. Pair a neon sign with faux hedge greenery

The fairy lights under each champagne shelf are a nice touch and will look even prettier after the sun sets.

3. Create a color-coordinated champagne rainbow

Displaying a variety of champagne colors in similar hues like this example from Etsy is just plain stunning. The gold lettering at the top is also a nice touch without overwhelming the rest of the wall.

4. Serve with a different garnish on every shelf

We can’t get enough of this double arch champagne wall idea that displays glasses with peach, plum, and other delightful fruit slices in the glasses. The welcome sign and the couple’s names are perfectly placed.

5. Add a balloon arch

Wedding balloon arch ideas against a display wall like this one add a welcome sense of playfulness and burst of color.

6. Swap glasses for bottles

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Minimize mess and maximize the bubbly with one of the more practical champagne wedding wall ideas on this list. Have each table grab its own to share throughout the evening. Bonus: you won’t need to hire staff to keep glasses filled because it will be self-serve.

7. Include florals and fabrics

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We love the fresh feeling of this flowy and bright champagne wall. Adding blooms to the crown of the board adds a fun texture to the display. Fabrics draped along the side flow in the breeze and make the whole design that much more romantic.

8. Use a gold and glass-tiered shelf

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Don’t want to DIY or rent? Why not swap out the board concept for a different display method instead? These glass shelves are elegant and compliment the champagne nicely. Plus they can be used long after your wedding ends.

9. Hang printed ribbon escort cards from each glass

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Help guests find their seats with these luxurious escort cards designed to include the names of each guest, their table number, and some decorative vines. We love how this idea doubles as a wedding keepsake.

10. Try a folding garden divider

We love the addition of greenery, hanging shelves, faux candles, and large initials featured in this example. If you’re handy, you may even be able to make one yourself using refurbished wood palettes.

11. Choose a minimalist walnut design

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Sophisticated and hip champagne wall ideas are easy to pull off when you stick to a few basic elements: minimalist design, dark wood tones, and a pop of color and texture from a simple green wreath.

12. Layer champagne glasses on a bookshelf

The term “wall” is sometimes used loosely when referring to champagne wall ideas. Nonetheless, we love this gorgeous bookshelf display. Notice how layering the champagne glasses in multiple rows adds interest. The picture frames and full champagne bottles are also a nice touch.

13. Display cute signage

This gold-glitter and pink-lettered Kate Spade-inspired “Pop Fizz Clink” sign is charming yet sophisticated. You can easily make one by hand with some glitter spray paint, a canvas, and letter stickers.

14. Highlight your wall with a bottle balloon

If you can’t put your champagne wall right at the entrance of your reception wall, we recommend making it stand out with a charming bottle balloon. Add bubbles to make it look like the champagne is spilling out.

15. Serve small parties with a champagne bar cart

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The stacked coupe glasses really sell this look and work perfectly for small wedding parties.

16. Trade glasses for single-serve bottles

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Add champagne or wine glasses to table settings and let guests grab their own mini Moet from your champagne wall before hitting the dance floor.

17. Add berry skewers

We love how these raspberry skewers look in the champagne glass. The “True Love” sign at the top of each pick is a delightful touch. Sprigs of lavender are also nice.

18. Make the label pop

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If you’ve sprung for an extra special champagne brand or simply love its bright label, make it the focal point of any of your champagne wall ideas with some matching florals around the board. Dressing the bartenders in matching aprons is fun too.

19. Make it a circle

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Most people have seen champagne walls in the shape of rectangles but if you’d like yours to be extra cool, why not try an unexpected shape?

20. Make a champagne step and repeat

Roll out the red carpet for the most Hollywood-worthy example out of all the champagne wall ideas on this list! Put multiple walls together and make sure your photographer captures everyone’s stunning ensembles as they strut their way into the reception.

21. Save with sparkling wine

On a budget but still want to spoil guests with one of these champagne wall ideas? Use sparkling wine. The most popular wine choices for a champagne wall include Brut, Prosecco, and rosé.

22. Place it next to the bar

This will cut down on waiting time and require fewer bartenders.

23. Use your favorite lyrics

Incorporate your favorite song lyrics into your neon, paper, or wood champagne well signage. We love this standout “Drunk in Love” example.

24. Keep it monochrome

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Pick a premade wall or color that closely matches whatever shade of white or pink your champagne will be. Whites and beiges look pretty too!

25. Combine black with acrylic shelves

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Paint your champagne wall black and add acrylic shelves for a magical, floating look. Neon signs and white flowers pair nicely with this chic modern look.

26. Flank your board with ice bucket holders

Have some bottles chilling within easy reach of your board to quickly restock the display with fresh bubbly as needed.

27. DIY a champagne tree

This beautiful tree sculpture fits a dozen or more glasses and can be replicated with white and paper maché.

28. Add a disco ball garland

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Bubbles need sparkles, so if you’re a sucker for a good trend like we are, we highly recommend pairing some disco balls with your champagne wall. Or deck out some of the display bottles with these mirrored craft tiles.

29. Use a freestanding acrylic champagne holder

Minimal yet glamorous at the same time, this acrylic champagne holder makes the bubbly the center of attention.

30. Add neon light strips to the interior

This is essential if your reception venue is outdoors and doesn’t have much lighting around your champagne wall. Plus it looks cool!

The A’s to your champagne wedding wall Q’s

We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions about champagne wall ideas and provided answers you can actually use to create the display of your dreams.

How much does a champagne wall cost at a wedding?

To understand what a champagne wall will cost at a wedding, you have to understand what you’ll need to make one. Besides the wine itself, you’ll also need glasses, a display board, signage, and decor.

While rentals cost anywhere from $50 to $500, building your own board or repurposing another type of furniture piece will likely be more cost-effective.

We recommend choosing a budget and then diving into pricing so you don’t get carried away with all of the amazing options out there.

How do you build a champagne wall for a wedding?

The easiest way to build a champagne wall is to use a backing piece of wood and add shelves to it. Lean it against a sturdy structure at your wedding venue or add legs to stabilize it. If you can, add notches to the shelves so the glasses hang from the bowl for a more custom touch.

How big should a champagne wall be?

Your champagne wall should be big enough to hold your desired number of champagne glasses plus at least an inch or inch and a half of space between every serving. You don’t want guests accidentally knocking them over when grabbing a glass!

Now you’re ready to make the champagne wall of your dreams!

Next up, get even more inspiration for awe-inspiring designs with these wedding ceiling decor ideas.

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