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22 Wedding Escort Card Ideas You Have to See

Feb 9, 2021
By Wedding Spot

For all of the time and effort that goes into managing your guest list, creating a seating chart, and coming up with centerpiece ideas, it doesn’t mean much if people don’t know where they’re supposed to sit. That’s where escort cards come in.

Escort cards and displays are a visual way to designate the table at which a guest should be seated. Think of them as a less formal version of place cards, which typically include an actual seat number as well. Luckily, when it comes to escort cards, the options for creativity and personalization are endless.

Want to check out some of our favorite wedding escort card ideas to ensure that you wow your guests on your big day? Keep reading!

Seat your guests in style with these 22 wedding escort card ideas:

1. Play with shapes and textures

We love how the couple in the example below used a rectangular shiny brass frame to enclose various size circles, each representing a table, and pulled it all together with greenery to complement their wedding day florals.

2. Utilize your interests

If you and your partner have a common interest, consider using it as inspiration for your escort card display. This couple created individual bookmarks with each guest’s name and table number to incorporate their love of reading.

3. Hydration station

If your wedding is outdoors, having a hydration station that doubles as an escort card display is the perfect way to quench your guest’s thirst and direct them to their tables! You can choose something refreshing like coconuts or go for a bit of pizazz with glasses of champagne. Which brings us to our next wedding escort card idea …

4. Get the party started

Start the party ASAP with mini tequila bottles that double as escort cards or mini cocktail shakers that double as wedding favors.

5. Go boho

If your wedding leans into the boho aesthetic, utilize natural materials and woven fabrics like these incredible mirrors to add a touch of your theme to your escort card display.

6. Rustic vibes

If your wedding is more warm, rustic, and homey, mirror that vibe by utilizing wood and greenery in your escort card display.

7. Let there be light

We’re obsessed with this vintage vanity-style lighting that brings a pop of drama to your escort card display.

8. Seaside display

For beach weddings, curating a lovely shadow box-esque escort card display using natural ocean elements like seashells, sea glass, and driftwood is a sure-fire way to wow your guests while also staying on theme.

9. Pressed flowers

We love to see vibrantly-colored pressed flowers incorporated into weddings, especially in the spring and summer. One place to do this is with your escort card display!

10. Classic and elegant

For a classic look, these gold filigree picture frames are an elegant wedding escort card idea. If you want to go for a less formal version of this, mix and match frames of different shapes, colors, and materials.

11. Single flower vases

Incorporate florals into your escort card display with single flower vases. To keep things classic, use the same variety of flower. For a more eclectic feel, mix and match!

12. Custom coasters

We love the idea of creating custom coasters for your escort card display. Not only can guests use them at the actual wedding, but coasters can also serve as wedding favors for guests to take home and use for years to come!

13. Personalize!

An artsy way to personalize your escort display is by including each guest’s photo. We love how this couple made each one look like a polaroid.

14. Use unique materials

Acrylic is one of our favorite materials for wedding day signage. If your budget allows it, create your escort card display with acrylic and laser-etched text.

15. Double the fun

To save on budget, consider creating an escort display that doubles as a ceremony backdrop. One side of the display is blank and crisp for the ceremony, and the other has guest’s names and their table numbers listed.

16. Monochromatic florals

This escort card display is adorned top to bottom with various shades of pink roses. It’s the perfect display if you’re looking for something romantic and elegant. It also doubles as a wonderful backdrop for guests to take photos!

17. Jars, both filled and unfilled

For a more typical look, you can use unfilled mason jars with writing on the glass as your escort card display. For a more unique spin on this classic, use jars filled with anything! We love these jam-filled jars that bring color and texture to the display.

18. Create a work of art

Get inspired by works of art like this post-modern style display, which utilizes acrylic and an assortment of colors and shapes painted on.

19. Make your escort cards interactive

This unique escort card display doubles as a fun game for guests to play, complete with rotating tiles.

20. For the music lover

If you and your partner share a love of music, create an escort card display that utilizes records and a record player. Or, display your escort cards like sheet music. Get funky and get creative!

21. Terrarium inspired

This wedding escort card idea works especially well for a garden-style celebration. Use a cylindrical glass container to create a stunning terrarium-like escort card display. We’ve even seen this done with upside-down wine glasses!

22. Celestial inspired

Use the natural elements of our world to inspire your escort cards. This stunning display uses moon-shaped cards accented with a vintage door and gorgeous vines cascading down the front.

Use these wedding escort card ideas as inspiration for your big day!

Whether you want a classic-looking escort card display or something more unique and memorable, use your creativity and the vibe of your wedding to create a display that’s special and has meaning to you as a couple.

Up next, check out 20 DIY wedding table decoration ideas to ensure that your escort cards lead your guests somewhere special.

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