21 Fun and Beautiful Poolside Wedding Ideas

21 Fun and Beautiful Poolside Wedding Ideas

If you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, you may have the opportunity to be poolside for part of your special day. While a pool is a beautiful addition to your setting by itself, there are also lots of ways to jazz it up for your celebration. From pool top dance floors to synchronized swimmers, this list of poolside wedding ideas has something for everyone.

Explore 21 poolside wedding ideas to throw the celebration of your dreams:

1. Floating flowers or petals

You can’t go wrong with this classic decor for your poolside wedding. Flowers of all kinds look spectacular floating as arrangements or petals on the water, and tie the pool into the theme of the celebration.

2. Pool top dance floor

While a pool looks lovely, it can cut up the space of an outdoor wedding and feel like a waste. Use every inch of your venue while impressing your guests by adding a clear dance floor over the pool!

3. Floating lanterns

Floating lanterns are elegant and useful, making the dark space of the pool brighter during a nighttime reception. They have the added benefit of being inexpensive and easy to get, which puts them at the top of any poolside wedding ideas list.

4. Poolside altar/chuppah

At some venues, it can be hard to see the happy couple during the ceremony because of the crowd of guests around them. Try using the pool as a natural spacer and putting your altar or chuppah at the end of the pool to give all of your guests a great view.

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5. Poolside candles or lanterns

Candles around the edge of the pool are a great idea if your ceremony or reception will take place after dark. Lighting up the edges of the pool will look beautiful while making the edges of the pool clear, keeping your guests from falling in!

6. Reception table surrounding the pool

If you want the pool to be the centerpiece of your setting, consider putting it literally in the center. Set up your reception tables in a U-shaped layout around the pool for a nice focal point for all the guests. Or, for some added flair, put your sweetheart table on a platform in the middle of the pool.

7. Floating pool toys

Not all wedding decor needs to be buttoned up and serious. If you want to add a bit of humor and fun to the ceremony or reception, add some fun floating pool toys to the mix!

8. Hire synchronized swimmers

Make the pool part of the wedding entertainment by hiring synchronized swimmers during your cocktail hour or reception. It’s a unique and fun way to make the pool the center of attention. To take it a step further, see if the swimmers will wear your wedding colors to stick with your theme.

9. Balloons or lanterns hanging above the pool

If you don’t love the idea of floating decorations in the pool, remember that you can also have beautiful decor in the space above the water. Hanging lanterns or balloons look stunning reflected in the water, and are out of the way of dancing guests when placed over the pool.

10. Have a pool-inspired cake

Take your poolside theme to other parts of the celebration with a pool-inspired cake! Beach weddings, tropical weddings, and weddings in hotter climates can all cool down with a water theme that runs throughout all of your decor.

11. Floating monograms

For another floating decor idea, try having your monogram floating on the pool in flowers, candles, or other decorations. This is a cute way of bringing your names into the decor and make your wedding truly your own.

12. Floating balloons

Floating balloons have become a major trend in wedding decor where any kind of water is involved. These inexpensive decorations look great in photos, come in a variety of colors and finishes, are easy to order and use, and are super easy to clean up. What’s not to like?

13. Hire a lifeguard for guests to swim

If you have a pool in the middle of your reception, you can of course make it part of the celebration by inviting guests to swim. If you do decide to go this route, make sure to hire a lifeguard for safety and tell guests to bring swimwear in your invitations. This is also a great idea for keeping younger guests entertained!

14. Poolside photoshoot

Even if you don’t incorporate the pool into your ceremony or reception, you can still get some great shots with a poolside photoshoot. Ask your photographer to play with the reflections in the pool to get some fun and creative wedding photos.

15. Install a bridge for guests to cross

Instead of breaking up your event space with the pool, you can opt to have a bridge put in over the water that guests can cross. Guests will likely use it for fun photos, and will love the wow factor of a beautifully decorated bridge crossing the water.

16. Poolside dance floor or tent

Putting your dance floor or tent next to the water gives you the option of looking at the pool but means it isn’t the sole focus for you and your guests on your special day. Plus, you’ll have some dazzling pictures of your celebration reflected in the water of the pool.

17. Poolside lounge seating

Opt for some comfortable lounge seating next to the pool during your cocktail hour for a fun and relaxed vibe. If you have space at your venue, you can then move away from the pool for the reception and get a bit of a different atmosphere.

18. Put your aisle over the pool

Some couples choose to really center things around the pool by constructing an aisle down the center! You can add floating decor on either side, an altar or chuppah at the end, and space for guests to sit at the sides — combining many of the ideas on this list into one poolside extravaganza.

19. Pool party-themed cocktails

Your pool party theme can extend beyond decorations with some fun pool party-themed cocktails. While tiny umbrellas in the drinks are cute and fun, keep your signature cocktail from turning cheesy by sticking with elevated flavors and colors.

20. Decorate the pool with light

Just as you can creatively light a dance floor, you can creatively light the pool at your venue. Try putting your monogram in lights along the bottom, or have a fun light show for your guests during the party. You can customize this idea to make it match the tone and theme of your celebration.

21. Jump in!

When all other ideas fail, you can always jump into the pool at the end of the night! Ending your night with a splash is a super fun way to cap off your celebration, and may even result in your guests jumping in with you. Your clothes may be wet for a while, but the memories (and the pictures) will last a lifetime.

Put these poolside wedding ideas to good use!

Hopefully these poolside wedding ideas have helped you decide on a few fun and beautiful ways to bring a pool into your decor, theme, and celebration. Remember to have fun with your planning and really make it your own — there are lots of different things that make a poolside wedding spectacular.

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