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Groom Outfit Ideas: 26 Must-See Options

Jun 18, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Whether you’re a groom seeking the perfect suit or a bride lending a helping hand to your husband or wife-to-be, choosing an outfit for the big day can feel daunting. How formal should your look be? Are you better off with a suit or a tuxedo? What about color? How about fabric?! We get how overwhelming it can be. While you want to look your best on your wedding day, remember that it’s essential to stay true to yourself. Today, we’ll reveal some of the most stylish groom outfit ideas to help you find one that feels uniquely you.

Discover groom outfit ideas based on your venue

Consider your wedding venue when you’re selecting an outfit, and tailor it to fit your personality. Avoid a fashion faux pas – from being underdressed at an upscale space, or dressed to the nines at a casual beach gathering.

1. Ballroom outfit: For a ballroom wedding, we recommend a classic peak lapel tuxedo, but if you’d like, spice things up with an unexpected texture or color. For instance, opt for a white bow tie or a white tuxedo jacket instead of the traditional black. Regal fabrics like velvet add a level of sophistication to an already stunning jacket. To learn everything about a tuxedo, from material to fit, this article from The Black Tux is a must read.


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2. Garden/park outfit: One of the best things about an outdoor wedding is the ability to dress as casual or as fancy as you desire. For the garden groom, you can go informal with a dress shirt and suspenders, a bit more dressed up with a vest – but no jacket – or wear a classic suit. If you pick the latter, make it outdoor appropriate by mixing funky textures or going with a bold, patterned necktie

3. Beach/waterfront outfit: Get inspired by the sand at your beach wedding with a light-colored suit. Complement your surroundings with a breezy material like linen or seersucker. Skip the tie and go for an unbuttoned white shirt and tan suit for a coastal vibe.


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4. Backyard outfit: The options here are endless, but one of the most popular is to stick to earthy, neutral shades. Add some flair to your natural style with stripes or a gingham shirt, as opposed to a solid white. For a relaxed look, pair khaki pants with a white shirt and navy blazer – adding a tie is up to you. Take it up a notch with a three-piece suit that fits the intimate setting in a light fabric like linen.

5. Historic/landmark outfit: Match the historic atmosphere with vintage groom styles. We love this three-piece, heather gray wool suit, complete with a pocket watch and bow tie. Mix your look up with a strikingly different waistcoat and suit, or add in suspenders to stand out.

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6. Barn/farm outfit: There’s no shame in being a jeans and T-shirt kind of person, so feel free to incorporate that style into your big day! Opt for navy trousers that resemble a dark jean and pair with a tweed vest or a more traditional jacket. You can also go with a rich cognac-colored trouser paired with a jewel-toned jacket – blue for a more conservative look, or a deep emerald or burgundy for added edge.

7. Church outfit: For a black-tie church wedding, stick to a classic tuxedo. We love a traditional black shawl collar tuxedo for this occasion, as it is timeless and elegant, but still modern. Add a little pizzazz with this midnight blue tuxedo and black silk peak lapels.

8. Country club outfit: For an upscale look that isn’t a tuxedo, try a three-piece suit in light gray with a sleek ivory tie. Amp up the color with a unique and vibrant shade, like this green suit with black accents, to really make a fashion statement.

Explore groom outfit ideas based on the season of your wedding

The fashionable groom is bound to have endless options for the big day, so how can you customize that outfit to fit your style? Take the season into account and let the elements around you inspire your look. 

Spring groom outfit ideas

9. Floral: Rock some floral prints in your groom attire to make a bold statement – from simple floral accessories to a head-to-toe look. A floral shirt is a refreshing way to bring the print to life with smaller, colorful flowers that pop or darker, large flowers for a different vibe. We love the look of this navy three-piece suit with a dark floral shirt that draws eyes to the pink boutonniere. Bump the look up a notch to create an unconventional take on a light, floral pattern with a daring full suit decked out in flowers.


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10. Pastel: One of our favorite things about spring weddings is the endless color options you can infuse into your big day! Do away with the traditional black or navy and freshen things up with dreamy pastels. Consider something like a peach blazer. You can also opt for other shades like mint green or light blue and forego a traditional tie for suspenders.

Summer groom outfit ideas

11. Blue: Liven your attire up with a cobalt blue suit, complemented by a floral necktie or patterned bow tie. If you prefer to have subtle blue accents in your outfit, choose something like this bright teal tie and pocket square combo.


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12. Neutral: Summertime weddings highlight the best part about the season — bright sunny skies and warm weather. Pick from neutral colors for the ideal casual, daytime look. Pair a tan suit with a vibrant coral or soft pink shirt, or even jazz up a white shirt with a vibrant, patterned bow tie. For a softer look, go for a khaki jacket and pair it with some bolder pants – ditch the necktie and spruce it up with a polka dotted handkerchief and a fedora.

Fall groom outfit ideas

13. Burgundy: What better way to get in the fall spirit than with a beautiful, bold burgundy suit to make a dashing statement? Keep it simple with a two-piece suit paired with a crisp white shirt and skinny black tie, or up the ante with a formal vest coat, but replace the tie with chic bow tie.


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14. Velvet: You can’t go wrong with a velvet tux or suit, as this versatile option can start off casual or be dressed up for a high-end formal affair. Pair a classy velvet blazer with black pants and a white shirt or go bold with a burgundy velvet jacket paired with a tweed waistcoat for a more vintage feel. 

Winter groom outfit ideas

15. Plaid, flannel, and wool: Stand up to the cold with a cozy flannel or plaid suit. Pick a three-piece deep brown plaid tweed suit and merlot-colored tie to keep you warm and give off an air of sophistication. We love the look of this sleek grey tweed suit, paired with a buttoned white shirt and brown boots. If you’re looking to spice it up even more, add in a navy tie and a boutonniere to suit the cooler winter tones.

16. Black: A traditional black suit or tuxedo is the perfect way to embrace the elegance of your big day and dress to the nines. Opt for a timeless sleek wool tuxedo, crisp white shirt, and a classic bow tie. If you’re looking for something warm that feels extra luxurious, go for a black velvet suit paired with a wintery plaid tie and a pinecone boutonniere. Or choose to go all black everything, from the jacket to the shirt to the tie.


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Check out groom outfit ideas based on color

Let your personal style shine while still complementing your partner’s color palette, whether that’s tied to their bouquet or accessories.


This color remains a classic for a good reason – it’s universally flattering and will never go out of style. Tie your look together with the right accessories and you’ll be dressed to impress on your big day.

17. Classic black: Nothing embraces the class of the color better than a well-fitted shawl-collared tuxedo. Complete the look with a chic silk black bow tie, or keep it simple with an all-black necktie and silver cufflinks.


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18. Charcoal black: If you’re more into suits than tuxedos and prefer a different shade of black, you can’t go wrong with a charcoal black suit. Pair it with a slim tie, a white collared shirt, and a brown belt and shoes. Relax your look and switch out the dress shoes for some converse kicks or white sneakers.


Go as bold as you want with any shade of blue. It mixes things up and adds a touch of warmth that you can totally customize.

19. Navy blue: Navy is one of the most versatile colors, as you can wear it in the afternoon or evening for anything from a backyard to a ballroom wedding – and during any season. Complement the look with a cool silver knit necktie and brown leather shoes. For an even more upscale look, make it a three-piece or a navy blue tux with a contrasting boutonniere.


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20. Midnight/royal blue: Make your blue pop even more with a charismatic midnight or royal blue tuxedo or suit. Celebrate your love with a blue tuxedo – with contrasting black lapels – paired with a formal silk, textured bow tie, pin dot pocket square, and cap toe shoes. If you want to keep your look all in the blue family, add a navy pin dot silk tieblue quad pocket square, and brown suede shoes to your blue ensemble.

Tan or gray

If you’re getting married in nature – from the foothills of a mountain, to a rustic barn, or even on a tropical island – a tan or gray suit can provide the perfect look. But these colors are also extremely versatile, and can be used in virtually any scenario. Pick a shade that works well with your complexion and wedding palette.

21. Tan: The classic tan suit works well for a summertime celebration, and we can officially certify it as our favorite color for a beach wedding. Skip the formal jacket and tie, and instead opt for a clean white button down with a tan vest. Brighten the look up with a contrasting boutonniere or a lively, colorful tie. Or shine with this classic three-piece suit with a mint-colored tie and handkerchief or pair your two-piece suit with a light blue shirt and dark tie.


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22. Gray. We absolutely love this light gray suit paired with a white shirt and dark purple bow tie. Or go for this three-piece look of a darker gray jacket paired with a dark gray pant/vest combo, a white shirt and a dark gray polka-dotted bow tie.

Bold colors

Not all grooms want to wear the classic colors, so celebrate your unique love with a showstopping outfit. For the extroverted groom, infusing dark or bold colors into your attire is the only way to show up for your wedding.

23. Green: Jazz up the popular subtle green shades that are rising in popularity and pack your look with a punch. We love this vibrant emerald green suit that you can class up with a skinny black tie and brogues or add personality with a mustard bow tie and suspenders.


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24. Red: For optimal style, mix a red two-piece suit with a contrasting white shirt, and add in a cream tie and brown shoes. This will tone down the red so, but is guaranteed to turn heads. Give your look an extra funky feel and turn up the volume of your red shades. Select a pink shirt instead of a white one and pair it with a bright printed necktie for a unique twist. To perfectly mix casual and chic, go for a deep red suit, white shirt, and black shoes without socks.

25. Pink: There are so many ways to incorporate pink on your wedding day without stealing too much of the attention away from your partner. Keep it “simple” with a bright pink blazer paired with a gray shirt and black tie or take it up a notch with a pink tuxedo with a black shawl lapel.


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26. Multicolored: Why choose one color when you can choose multiple? For example, this chambray suit paired with a multicolored plaid shirt, navy bow tie and light blue Vans is unique as can be. Or, for an even bolder look, wear something similar to the patterned, multicolored tuxedo jacket that NFL quarterback Cam Newton wore to the Met Gala.

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about groom outfits

When should I start shopping for my suit/tux?

Planning a wedding is never easy. We always tend to focus on larger aspects like securing a venue and catering, while the groom’s attire falls to the back burner. While it may not be a very time-consuming task, don’t wait until the last minute to get your tuxedo or suit. For custom fittings, we recommend starting the process at least 3 months ahead of the big day. You’ll want to have plenty of time for any alterations and shipping, if needed, during the always-busy wedding season.

How much does a suit/tux cost?

Tuxedos typically are more expensive than suits, but you can find affordable options that work for your budget. The average cost of purchasing a wedding tuxedo ranges from $200-$500 and can go upwards of $1,500 for designer styles. If you just aren’t big on formal wear and plan on renting your wedding tux, you may not have to spend more than $150. Most rental packages include all pieces and accessories like shirts, pants, coat, vest, tie, and cufflinks. Keep in mind that if you choose to purchase your outfit, there will be additional costs.

Should I get my outfit tailored?

Your outfit will live on for years to come in your wedding photos, so make sure that you look your absolute best. If you purchase your attire, you’re better off getting it tailored to fit your body perfectly, so you aren’t swimming in an ill-fitted suit. Tailoring your tux or suit also allows you to add in small elements to fit your theme or even stitch in a favorite memory or lines from your vows.


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Do I need accessories?

If you look at a suit or a tux without any accessories, it’s just a plain jacket and pants. Given the long list of decisions you’ll make to get your big day just right, searching for the accessories could be easy to forget. The right accessories will add personality, style, and set you apart from the rest.

Do the groom and groomsmen wear the same thing?

If you stick to tradition, the groomsmen’s attire should mimic or at least be very similar to the groom. More and more grooms are bucking tradition and mixing styles for a unique look; just make sure they all stick to the same overall feel and level of formality. With varied patterns and colors among your groomsmen’s attire, as the groom, you should still differentiate yourself. Stand out with a darker or brighter suit than the rest of your group and have the groomsmen wear colors that complement the bridesmaids.

Where can I buy/rent my wedding outfit?

Find your perfect wedding day look in person, online, or try your preferred pieces on from the comfort of your own home. Here are a few places to start:

  • The Black Tux: With showrooms across the country and an easy-to-navigate website, The Black Tux offers suit and tux rentals and purchases – and the best part is, you can even try on each set at home for free.

  • Men’s Wearhouse: Say “I Do” to one of the most common names for groom attire, where you can rent, buy, or customize your outfit from their efficient in-person locations with free shipping.

  • The Groomsman Suit: Why rent when you can own a beautiful suit for the same price or even less than a tuxedo? The Groomsman Suit has an affordable collection of essentials, accessories, and even gifts.  

  • Suitsupply: Choose from a wide range of styles – from casual, contemporary looks to formal tuxedos – and fine tune it with the best fit for your body. The company also allows you to create a custom-made suit or tuxedo for a one-of-a-kind outfit.

Utilize these fashion-forward groom outfit ideas to inspire your own big day!

Shake up any expectations you had for your wedding day look and get inspired with a new texture, color, or pattern. Start with a solid budget for your outfit and shop around to find the best and most comfortable fit within your price range. Once you’ve nailed down your ideal aesthetic, consult with your partner to ensure your visions line up. Both looks should not only complement each other, but also the theme and venue, all while emphasizing your own individual tastes.

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