The Perfect Colors for a Summer Wedding

The Perfect Colors for a Summer Wedding

Deciding on a color scheme can involve many factors, including the look and feel of your venue, your personal style, and season.

Summer is a magical time for wedding planning. There is an infinite amount of color combinations available to you in this season. Almost no color is off limits in the summertime, so long as it is represented in the right proportions, and with complimentary colors in the pallet. Take a look at some of our favorite summer wedding color combos for inspiration.

Soft Neutrals

Neutral shades, like organic cotton, cream, and soft white are always stylish and appropriate.

This pallet can add a touch of elegance to your summer soiree. Compliment your neutrals with soft, muted greenery, lace, and natural wooden tables and chairs.

Subtle Lilac

Like fresh lavender adds a soothing sensation to sweet lemonade, tones of light blue, lilac, and pale mauve will give your special day an air of tranquility and serenity. Squeeze a few drops of lemon yellow to this pallet for a kiss of sunshine.

Perky Citrus

Juicy coral hues, peach, and orange make for a sweet, cheerful scene. Add hints of cream and blush, and lush greenery to balance the reddish tones in this pallet. Compliment with pearl accents or metallic décor for an added flair.

Lush Berry

Compliment a picturesque rustic venue with rich wine and berry tones and scattered traces of white, blush, and golden yellow. To avoid a scene that’s too autumnal, enhance your pallet with brilliant turquoise and purple florals. Pair natural wood and stone accents, dusty rose linens, and brass or pewter flatware.

Cool Colors

Icy blues and minty greens are like a cool breeze on a warm summer’s day. Usher in a cool breeze with shades of eucalyptus, greyed blues, and off white. For a touch of warmth and sunlight, add a bit of pale peach and dusty rose. Keep it airy and avoid dark hues like, black, navy, deep jewel tones.

Perfect Pink

Give your wedding a feminine touch with bursts of hot pink, cherry, pastel pink, and magenta. Play it up with spots of bright yellow, berry, and orange, or tone it down with shades of cream, grey, and pale green. Allow your pinks to pop against a clean, mostly white background.

Bright and Bold

There’s no time like summertime to go all out on color. If your budget can accommodate it, go for beautifully vibrant floral arrangements, using combinations of marigold, pink, magenta, peach, orange, lilac and green. Keep all other décor simple and clean to allow these hues to really shine. Use off white linens and natural wood chairs to ground the bright florals.

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