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19 Galaxy-Themed Wedding Ideas That Are Out of This World

Jan 9, 2023
By Wedding Spot

Peaceful and intimate, stargazing is a fantastic source of wedding inspiration. Can you imagine anything more romantic than sitting under the stars, snuggled up with your special someone, gazing into the great unknown? If you’re looking for a way to capture the romance and relaxation of stargazing without the damp ground and bug bites, you’ll love this list of galaxy-themed wedding ideas.

In this list, we explore unique and creative galaxy-themed wedding ideas that will leave your guests in awe. We cover design ideas, DIY tips, creative cocktail ideas, and more, from refining a color scheme to choosing the best venue for your cosmic wedding ceremony. Keep reading and discover how to turn any wedding venue into a stellar wedding setting without breaking the bank.

Impress your guests with these glamorous galaxy-themed wedding ideas

Galaxy-themed design ideas from deep space

1. Stellar projections

Project images of outer space onto venue walls to create an atmosphere of infinity. High-quality lighting projectors can emit impressive animations and designs, many offering a variety of settings to choose from. The best star projectors are more expensive than smaller, budget-friendly tabletop projectors, but they produce an incredible indoor view of the night sky. Factor professional projection equipment into the event layout, as equipment setup requires access to electrical equipment and enough space to ensure that operations are fire safe.

2. DIY tabletop shadow-casters

Smaller tabletop projectors may not be as powerful as their high-tech counterparts, but strategically placing a few inexpensive galaxy projectors around the room can create a similar astral atmosphere for significantly less money. You can even create your paper projectors and DIY wedding table decorations. Make your own star projectors by cutting out planets, stars, and other intergalactic shapes from a piece of paper. Gently bend the paper to form a cylinder, tape the ends together, and place it on top of a rotating LED light to create a moving space scene. With a bit of time and creativity, you can cast cosmic shadows across the room for pennies on the dollar.

3. Hanging planetary props

Turn your wedding venue into an interstellar observatory by cleverly using your space. Take advantage of vast, empty overhead space by hanging planetary props and starry lighting elements from the ceiling of your wedding venue or event tent. These starry chandeliers from AliExpress, both elegant and unexpected, are sure to impress your wedding guests.

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4. Open-air event

Choose a beautiful outdoor wedding venue nestled deep in nature that offers a magnificent view of an expansive sky, far away from the light pollution of larger cities. Host the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception outside at your open-air galaxy-themed wedding.

Galaxy-themed wedding décor ideas

5. Astrology-inspired invitations

Set the tone for your wedding theme with galaxy-themed wedding invitations. If you’re a fan of astrology, incorporate your love of the zodiac into your invitation design. Order astrology-inspired invitations that display different constellations or that highlight the engaged couple’s signs. If you have time, personalize the design to match the recipient’s zodiac sign, or order a small subset of specialty invitations just for members of the wedding party.

6. Intergalactic table runners

Incorporate galaxy-themed wedding ideas into the reception design with stunning outer space-inspired table runners. Paired with crisp neutral dishes and living centerpieces, dreamy table runners bring deep space to the dinner table.

7. Epic stage mural

Newlyweds Aaron and Ming Ming took galaxy-themed wedding ideas to the next level when they threw an otherworldly bash at JW Marriott South Beach in Singapore. Behind the stage at their wedding reception, a giant galactic mural surely stunned guests as they stared into the gorgeous great beyond. Include a few pieces of stylized astronomy-focused art in your wedding décor.

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Celestial ceremony ideas for galaxy-themed weddings

8. “Written in the Stars” sub-theme

Embrace astronomy by adding a “Written in the Stars” sub-theme to your galaxy-inspired wedding. Choose a navy and gold color scheme for your design, and incorporate astronomy-inspired accents into your wedding décor. Flashy yet elegant, we love this theme idea for décor, invitations, guest gift bags, and wedding photo booths.

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9. Group stargazing

Escape civilization for a day or two and enjoy relaxing with loved ones under the stars, observing the cosmos, and contemplating the chaos of the universe. Bring a high-quality portable telescope (or rent a stationary model) for post-ceremony rooftop stargazing with wedding guests. If you don’t want to worry about a telescope, book a venue with a private stargazing terrace, like the Hillendale Country Club in Phoenix, Maryland.  

10. Crescent moon chair charms

A quick, effortless way to make plain wedding chairs look more elegant, and match your theme, is to hang charms from seat backs. A subtle, timeless alternative to more extravagant galaxy-themed wedding ideas, crystal or stained glass chair charms give your astral ceremony design a delicate artistic touch.

11. Astral wedding arch

Build a wedding backdrop that’s as heavenly as your wedding theme. Hang draping star-shaped string lights from the top or have a tapestry made to recreate the night sky the way it looked on the day that you met. Stretch the tapestry and secure it to the wedding arch to create a serene scene at the end of the aisle.

12. Starry night event tent

Bring the outdoors inside your tented wedding reception using an event tent with a transparent top. If you cannot locate an event tent with a clear ceiling, place black or dark blue paneling on the top of your reception tent to create a backdrop for an overhead replication of the night sky. When affixed to the tent top, hanging string lights twinkle just like stars overhead against the deep, dark tent ceiling.

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Galaxy-themed wedding fashion ideas

13. Galactic groomsmen ties

Include the wedding party in your galaxy-themed wedding ideas. Gift the groomsmen a galaxy-inspired tie to wear on the wedding day. The extra pop of color and pizazz will lend a little something different to their outfits without detracting attention from the real stars of the show.

14. Light-catching bridal beadwork

Nothing adds glamor to a galaxy-themed wedding like an ethereal celestial-inspired wedding gown. Look for a flowy dress with organic lines, lace, and light-catching beadwork, like many glamorous gowns from Casablanca Bridal. With a twinkle in her eye that matches her dress, the bride will shine as she walks down the aisle in a gown that sparkles like the night sky.

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15. Astral accessories

Create a cohesive wedding theme by including astral accents in your wedding attire. Show off pastel galaxy-inspired nails, add otherworldly hair accessories, or don delicate celestial jewelry to give your outfit a planetary pop.

16. Milky Way mermaid mane

If you’re feeling bold, turn your hair into a statement piece with Milky Way-inspired mermaid hair coloring. Move from muted pink roots to brighter blues and greens, or create a bold, trendy blend using ultra-pigmented dyes.

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Far-out food and drink ideas for your galaxy-themed wedding

17. Galaxy Magic Mule

Inspired by Bill Nye and his influence on Gastronom cocktail creators, the Galaxy Magic Mule is a creative cocktail that changes colors right before your eyes. Made with deep indigo Butterfly Pea Flower tea, lime juice, ginger beer, and vodka, this awe-inspiring cosmic beverage is sure to wow your wedding guests. Friends and family will stand stunned, mesmerized, watching your wedding mixologist use the acidic lime juice to turn the deeply purple drink into a brilliant ombre blend with blue hues.

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18. Constellation cake

Paint the night sky against the deep purples and blues of a smooth fondant backdrop to create a decadent galaxy-themed wedding cake. Use an edible arrangement of violets as the cake topper, adding earthly elements to your ethereal edible design.

19. Space-themed candy bar

Capture wedding guest attention with a fun and funky space-themed candy bar. In large glass orbs, towering glassware, and other unique containers, display colorful candies and classic treats inspired by outer space, like Space Rocks Popping Candies, Mars bars, and Milky Ways. Create a colorful display of blues, purples, and greens with hard candy, lollipops, licorice wands, and foil-wrapped chocolate stars.

Frequently asked questions about galaxy-themed wedding ideas

1. Where should you host a galaxy-themed wedding?

Host your wedding outdoors, at a wedding venue with a great view of the stars, a planetarium, a museum, or your own backyard. You have plenty of room to play around when working with galaxy-themed wedding ideas. With the right décor, any venue can become an interplanetary wedding palace.

2. What should I wear to a galaxy-themed wedding?

Regardless of the wedding theme, guests should first follow the couple’s stipulated dress code. Wear a light and airy dress, flowy skirt, or vibrant romper to a semi-formal galaxy-themed wedding. Have fun with accessories, sporting space-themed jewelry, star-studded shoes, or a funky astrology-inspired clutch. If you’re attending a formal galaxy-themed wedding, don’t spend too much time focusing on matching the theme. Instead, look for formal attire that meets the couple’s wedding dress code.

3. What is a celestial wedding theme?

Celestial-themed weddings celebrate everything astronomical. The stars, sky, sun, and moon are at the heart of celestial wedding motifs. A natural and romantic aesthetic, celestial-themed décor is reminiscent of popular bohemian wedding styles.

Have fun putting these galaxy-themed wedding ideas to use!

With a list of décor and design galaxy-themed wedding ideas on hand, you’re ready to start planning. Select your favorite ceremony ideas and galaxy-inspired accents. Discuss theme and design elements with your partner and planning team to determine how much of your wedding budget is available to bring your interplanetary ideas to life.

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