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How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Feb 28, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Perhaps you’re wondering how to save money on wedding invitations without sacrificing quality. And perhaps you’re craving beautiful invitations but don’t want to spend thousands. Time is scant, and a complete DIY is sometimes not an option. Or, maybe paper goods aren’t really your thing, and you just want something that gives your guests the details on when and where. Here are three ways to create cheap wedding invitations with some pizazz!

Explore how to save money on wedding invitations in 3 steps:

1. Opt for E-invites

From good ol’ Evites to fun services like Paperless Post, you can save paper and save money. Customize and send without having to worry about postage and envelopes. You can find templates that scream loud, bold colors and fun, along with more muted, elegant templates, plus everything in between. As a bonus, it’s also a centralized way to track RSVPs.

2. Pick out pre-designed invitation suites

If you do love paper and stationery, try going to a shop such as Paper Source or Papyrus. Stores like these offer wedding suites at a fraction of the cost of a calligrapher. You can still have the beautiful lettering, good card stock, florals, and accents without going over budget. The selections are also usually extensive, so chances are you’ll find something you love. Some stores and brands may also offer the option for you to print the invitations at home, which can help you save a little more, if you have a tiny bit of time to put in the work.

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3. Go with bare(er) bones custom suites

Still wanting a lovingly-crafted, hand-lettered custom invitation suite? That’s still possible if you don’t take all the trimmings. Custom packages can start around $1,000, but you can cap it around there. Things that increase the price include embossing, monograms, and art details. If you can live without some of these, then a custom wedding suite is still possible. Talk to your calligrapher about your budget and see what’s available to you.

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