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When to Take off Your Engagement Ring

Dec 12, 2018
By Wedding Spot

Showing off your engagement ring seems like a “must do” on the checklist of every soon-to-be-wed person. After all, if you got it, why not flaunt it? But not all times and places are appropriate for wearing your rock.

Wondering when to take off your engagement ring? We’ve got you covered!

Discover the top 5 times you should take off your engagement ring:

1. When you’re beautifying.

We all want to look ravishing 24/7, but when your beauty routine involves a lot of products, consider taking your engagement ring off and putting it aside. Applying lotions, moisturizers, hair care products, perfumes, and many other items can cause buildup on your rock and diminishing shine.

According to Gittelson Jewelers: “Moisturizing with your wedding ring on may cause a temporary discoloration of your ring’s metal, especially on rings with a bright or shiny finish. What’s even worse, lotion could cause a cloudy film to form over your stones. The same goes for when you’re applying make-up – and hair spray. Most cosmetics and, certainly, hair spray contain chemicals capable of discoloring your rings and removing its natural sheen.”

2. When you’re cleaning.

Aside from putting unneeded wear and tear on your ring, you also potentially expose your ring to harsh products when cleaning. This can damage the integrity of the setting, or even alter the color of the stone in some cases.

According to Debra Dolphin, a gemologist at Blue Nile, ordinary cleaning materials won’t hurt your diamond — "During the cutting process, the stones are cleaned by boiling them in acid. This makes them impervious to chemicals," she told — but cleaners like bleach, nail polish remover and chlorine are a different story!

3. When you’re going to the beach.

Beach trips are supposed to be all fun in the sun and sand. Nothing sullies this image more than the idea of your beautiful ring slipping off in the surf -- never to return. While it’s tempting to sport your rock on every fun trip, don’t give in to the possibility of losing your most valuable item. The same goes for the pool, lake, river, or any other water-based activity that increases the risk of you losing your ring!

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4. When the occasion isn’t about you.

Going to a birthday party? Celebrating your family members’ 30th anniversary? Maybe you’re even attending a friend’s engagement party. If guests to these big occasions don’t know about your engagement yet, leave the ring at home. It’s important to avoid stealing the spotlight when the timing is inappropriate.

5. When you’re not ready.

While many people can’t wait to tell the world that they’re getting married, some people find themselves in different circumstances. As a general rule, don’t flaunt the ring if you’re not ready to discuss your new engagement with anyone and everyone.

More on this from lifestyle and etiquette expert Elaine Swann: "Take some time out as a couple to really just relish in it and enjoy it for as long as you can agree to,” she told Martha Stewart Weddings. But after that, it’s time to make a game plan!

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