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5 Ways to Get Your Dream Engagement Ring

Jul 26, 2018
By Wedding Spot

If you and your beloved have begun to talk about getting engaged, then first thing’s first: congratulations! You’re one step closer to walking into the sunset arm-in-arm with your beloved. But once the initial excitement and anticipation washes over you, you may find yourself wondering (or even worrying) about whether or not you’ll get your dream engagement ring.

If you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life, you obviously want it to look perfect, right? Unfortunately, your significant other isn’t a mind reader.

Want your dream engagement ring? Follow these 5 tips:

1. Strategic commentary

Whenever rings come up as a topic of conversation, use this as an opportunity to chime in. Did your friend recently get engaged? Let your significant other know what parts of the ring you love (and what you don’t love so much). Have a celebrity engagement that’s splashed all over the news? Make sure you make your opinion about the ring known. The more opportunities you can find to let them know what you love, the more they’ll remember about your preferences.

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2. Recruit a friend

Have a friend that just “gets you?” Be sure to forward your significant other to them when it comes to picking out the ring. If you want to maintain the sense of surprise during the proposal without the risk, allow your friend to serve as a go-between. Tell them what you’re looking for in the dream engagement ring so they can point your beloved in the right direction.

3. Share your dreams

Start creating a kind of “inspiration board” or list of dream engagement rings that you could see yourself wearing. Pinterest or Google Keep can both be excellent tools for organizing your thoughts. Once you’ve filled it up with your top picks, share it with your future fiancé so they can see exactly what you like.

4. Window shop

If you have an opportunity to stroll by a jewelry store, don’t be afraid to pop in and take a look around. This is the perfect chance to try some things on, get an idea of pricing, and help your significant other (and maybe even yourself) better understand what you like in an engagement ring.

5. Pick the ring

The best way to get your dream engagement ring is to shop with your significant other. Though this may not be the best option for more traditional couples, many have begun doing this to ensure that the fiancé is dropping big bucks on a ring that their beloved will actually like. For many couples, it becomes yet another way to bond and bask in dreams of a wedded future!

Now you know how to get your dream engagement ring!

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