13 Super Relatable Wedding Planning Memes

13 Super Relatable Wedding Planning Memes

Weddings are magical — filled with love, joy and laughter. But wedding planning? Oftentimes, it can be the exact opposite. Whether you’re planning your own wedding or you have a wedding planner, you’re probably spending every spare minute of every day on Instagram, Pinterest, and wedding sites to make sure you get the wedding of your dreams. You’re also probably worrying about the little things. Did you pick the right dress? How much should you spend on flowers? Chicken or fish? There are so many details that go into planning a wedding. To help ease your stress, try to remember that it’s a celebration of the love that you and your partner have for each other. But if you need a little something more to calm your nerves, give you a chuckle and help you realize you’re not alone in your feelings, here are some hilarious wedding planning memes we hope you’ll enjoy.

Explore 13 of our favorite wedding planning memes:

1. The Pinterest wedding planning meme.

Pinterest is one of the most popular wedding planning websites, and with good reason. In fact, Pinterest itself states that 40 million people (!!) use it for their wedding planning journey each year. But you don’t have to only use it for lavish, out-of-budget options.

2. “This is fine.”

One of the most popular memes in meme history can be used plenty of times throughout the wedding planning process.

3. The wedding mood meme.

Brides, how many times have you switched your stance? Don’t worry … that’s common as can be!

4. Even Lizzo will love this wedding planning meme.

This meme is a play on words to Lizzo’s smash hit, Truth Hurts. How fitting?

5. Calling all wedding guests: You know who you are.

Follow our wedding RSVP wording secrets to decrease the chances that this happens to you!

6. When the wedding fitness plan is finally over.

What will your first post-wedding meal be?

7. Not a bad idea!

But, in all seriousness, check out our wedding guest list tips for real ways to pick who you want to be there on your big day.

8. Don’t elope, they said…

If you’re getting close to going over your budget, check out some of our favorite cheap wedding ideas to try and cut some costs.

9. We’ve all been here.

Check out this post from WeddingWire for ways to get better sleep while wedding planning so that this doesn’t happen to you!

10. We’ve all been here, too!

However, this guide from Style Me Pretty explores ways to avoid that meltdown entirely!

11. Napkin color is important! Right? Right.

This one really puts things into perspective. Sometimes, the best thing you can do when feeling overwhelmed during the planning process is to take a step back and realize what it is you’re planning for in the first place: Getting married to the person you love!

12. Welcome to our open bar!

Wondering if you should have an open bar wedding? Here are a few factors to consider before making your decision.

13. So, about that whole venue selection process…

We’re not going to pretend that picking a wedding venue is easy. But there are tons of ways to simplify the selection process — and make it fun! Check out our guide on how to compare wedding venues, and then head over to Wedding Spot and start searching!

Find the humor in wedding planning with these hilarious wedding planning memes!

Now that you’ve had a little break to laugh, get inspired by following these 25 wedding experts on social media, and you’ll be in great hands.

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