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Shredding for the Wedding? 5-Step Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Mar 5, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Everyone wants to look their best on the big day, and the impending wedding can be a great motivator to get in shape. But as many of us know, devising and executing a wedding fitness plan can be extremely hard work -- especially when you add the chaos of wedding planning (check out our stress-free guide!) into the mix.

Come up with a wedding fitness plan to get in shape for your big day:

1. Evaluate your goals

Before you do anything, think about what you want to achieve. Do you want to drop a few pounds? Do you want to get toned arms? Do you want to see booty gains? Once you determine what you would like to do, you can begin making a plan. Make sure your goals are realistic and healthy.

2. Devise a workout plan

Based on your goals, find a few workouts you can begin doing on a regular basis. If you rarely work out, start with two or three workouts a week and then increase from there. Be careful not to overdo it too quickly -- you could risk injury. Take the time to explore different types of workouts and identify the ones you enjoy. The only way you will remain consistent with any wedding fitness plan is if you enjoy it.

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3. Pay attention to your nutrition

The saying that the majority of physical fitness is made in the kitchen is completely true. If you want to get in shape, you need to find a meal plan that will not only help you achieve your goals, but will also be sustainable and wholesome for your body. It is tempting to cut out entire food groups with abandon and take extreme cut back on your calories, but this can wreak havoc on your metabolism, your body as a whole, and your energy levels. Instead, focus on eating whole, nutritious foods at a calorie level that will sustain you, all while helping achieve your goals.

4. Fit fitness into your life

Habits are the key to success when it comes to getting fit. Set yourself up for success by finding a sustainable way to fit good eating and gratifying workouts into your day-to-day routine.

Start figuring out what methods will work best for incorporating your new meal and fitness plans into your current lifestyle.

5. Don’t sweat it too much

While it’s admirable to have healthy fitness and weight loss goals, don’t sweat it too much! Always remember that your fiance asked you for your hand in marriage before you decided to get in shape. They will still love and adore you even if you don’t achieve your ideal look in time for the big day.

Use these wedding fitness plan tips to get started!

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