Lego figures on cupcakes as unique wedding cake topper idea

10 Unique Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

May 19, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Are you looking for wedding cake decorations that will truly wow your guests? How about a topper you’ve never seen before? If so, then these unique wedding cake topper ideas might be just what you’re looking for.

In this blog post, we offer ideas that you can make or buy without breaking the bank. They’re perfect for spicing up a simple cake, making your wedding feel more like "you," and creating yet another amazing photo opportunity. Keep reading to discover some creative examples from experts who know the difference between cliche and truly unique wedding cake topper ideas.

Explore 10 of our favorite unique wedding cake topper ideas

There are three distinct ways to personalize a wedding cake topper. First, you can choose the material it’s made out of. Second, you can alter the design in some way to fit your personality and wedding colors. Third, you can customize the text (if any).

Here are some ideas for how to make each component of the wedding cake topper that much more creative.

1. Knit your cake topper.

Recent bride (congratulations!) and Founder of Everlasting Occasion, Allison Williams, said that this is a great time to show off your DIY skills.

You can “make your own wedding cake topper, instead of going through a company. Get creative and crafty. Or if you know somebody who likes to make things, such as an older relative who likes to knit, you could get them to make you your topper.”

If you’re not sure what a knitted wedding cake topper looks like, we’ve found some knitted brides and grooms, as well as some love birds, we’re crazy about!

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2. Go bold with neon.

Neon wedding cake toppers are a thing, we swear. The most wedding-appropriate options are the laser-cut signs that can be customized with your names or initials. The clear acrylic base makes it look like it’s floating on top of the cake, and it's extra cool on the beach or any other outdoor reception space at night.

To make it truly personalized, you can customize the base color, light color, size, and text. There are some that have the look of a neon sign while others are LED and actually light up.

3. Showcase a hobby.

Williams also told Wedding Spot via email that it’s nice to “have a topper that includes an item of something you both do, or share, like a hobby.”

“For example, say you both dance together, you could have a topper that includes a dancing couple. Or, do you like to cook, play tennis, or bike together? You could have one of those items, too.”

Pick up some miniature plastic figurines from the diorama section of your local craft store or browse Etsy for some handmade mini decorative objects.

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4. Make your pets mini.

Wedding Spot also spoke to Anna Silver who is the Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Cook for Folks, a catering company. Silver recently made a really creative and unique wedding cake topper we absolutely love.

“Something that I created for a friend of mine who was getting married was small sculptures of their pets!” shared Silver. “Each of them had a pet (a cat and a dog), and they had just started getting along living in the same home. My friend wanted me to create these pets out of modeling icing as a wedding topper because it wasn’t just the married couple who were creating this union, but the pets too!”

If you want to go all out, you can even make a miniature dog- or cat-friendly wedding cake with little versions of you both on top for them to enjoy on your big day!

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5. Dry an herb topper.

You may already be familiar with the sculpted wire wedding cake toppers, but have you ever heard of one with herbs? Rustic, indie, and classy at the same time, an herb-entwined topper is a truly unique wedding cake topper idea. It’s also affordable, smells great, and is easy to make in minutes. We love the idea of using dried thyme or lavender to complete your wedding cake styling. 

Speaking of beautiful dried plants, we also found this beautiful eucalyptus and rose twisted wire wedding cake topper that can be customized to include your initials.

6. Use symbolic everyday objects.

As you look around your home, you may already see objects that symbolize you and your partner and would look amazing on top of a wedding cake. When we reached out to wedding planner Apryl Roberts of Memorable Events by Apryl, she said that some of her clients used what they already had to inspire their own incredibly unique wedding cake topper ideas.

Want to include the kids? Williams chimes in to add: “I've actually seen a lego-made wedding cake topper at a friend's wedding that the couple had made themselves. That was really different and actually looked really great.”

7. Prank your guests.

If you’re the kind of couple who doesn’t want to take themselves too seriously, a little fun during your big cake-cutting moment is exactly what you need. Brands such as Let Them Eat Candles sell real candles made out of chocolate and candy that you can actually light.

As if having candles as your wedding cake topper wasn’t unique enough, light them up, blow them out, and let your guests watch in horror as you take a big bite!

8. Thrift a vintage version.

Love the look of the classic couple on top of the wedding cake but want something a little more special? Look no further than vintage wedding cake toppers. These cute figurines are available on reseller sites such as Etsy and eBay, but you may even be able to borrow one from a relative.

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9. Geek out!

Got some secret or not-so-secret geeks in your home? Your wedding cake topper is your time to shine!

Gary Pope is a wedding photographer and owner of Love Long and Prosper Photography who specializes in geek weddings, so we asked him for his favorite examples.

Harry Potter

“When it comes to Harry Potter wedding cake toppers,” says Pope, “the word ‘Always’ is a go-to. It's also super classy at the same time because it works for guests that don't get the reference.”

“Another great Harry Potter topper is ‘We Solemnly Swear That We Are Up to No Good’, which I wouldn't classify as classy like the previous suggestion,” says Pope, “but this definitely fits perfectly in line with more goofy and mischievous couples.”

There’s also room to mix your fandoms. “Here’s an example of one that is fulfilling for spouses that are both Harry Potter and Star Wars fans (which is a lot of people… I literally have a wedding with a couple this weekend!).”

Star Wars

“Out of all the Star Wars-themed toppers, (the 'I love you,' 'I know' topper) has to be my favorite,” shares Pope, “because just like the HP Always toppers, it's classy in a way, but also really geeky for folks that get the reference. This is referencing the scene where Han Solo says ‘I know’ when Princess Leia says ‘I love you' ...which was, in fact, an improvised line that made the final cut.”

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“Next on the list is a very obviously geeky Star Wars topper with the appearance of Darth Vader and the Death Star! I think this is a must if the bride is wearing a black dress!”

“And the final suggestion is this SW Rebel cake topper which is nice, but it honestly may confuse some couples that don't get it since it can be mistaken as a messed up Moon,” Pope says.


Obviously, there are many more fandoms out there. But not every fandom has multiple Etsy stores entirely dedicated to wedding cake toppers, so you may have to get creative and make your own. Items such as action figures, roleplaying miniatures, and even D20 dice and board game pieces, are all options for unique wedding cake topper ideas.

If you’re worried about keeping it classy, you can easily up the glam factor by using food-friendly paint to make all the pieces the same color for a sleek, uniform look. Plan it out well and you can even attach your sculpture to a stylish lamp after the wedding.

10. Fold some origami.

Origami is a rewarding and affordable handmade option for unique wedding cake toppers any couple can recreate! We love paper crane couples, festive banners, and neutral pinwheels. Look for easy origami tutorial videos on YouTube to help.

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Now you’re ready to finish decorating your wedding cake!

Unless of course, you’re having too much fun looking at wedding cake ideas to stop now! Here are 57 more unique wedding cake ideas, flavors, and themes to explore.

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