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Everything You Need to Know About Park Weddings

With a passion for creating memories, IDoCelebrate is the premier provider of uniquely tailored indoor and outdoor events at some of the most exquisite park locations in Boston, New York, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. In this series, IDoCelebrate’s experts share their insights on getting married in some of the most unique, coveted park destinations in the country.

Do you love the outdoors, iconic attractions, and budget-savvy wedding planning? If so, you may want to consider getting married in a park! After all, nothing says romance like a naturally gorgeous setting with plenty of sunshine. Best of all, having your ceremony or reception at a public park means you get to take advantage of  great pricing packages without missing out on a truly spectacular backdrop!

To offer some planning help, we caught up with the park wedding expert at IDoCelebrate, Tom Noel, to pull together some professional advice.

Explore everything you need to know about park weddings:

1. What is the very first step when planning a park wedding?

Location, location, location! You need to first establish whether you are looking to get married in a popular or intimate park site. The more popular spaces are often the more iconic ones--for example, Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NY. Whether they have visited the park or not, most people are familiar with this famous landmark. But keep in mind that if you host your wedding in a popular park area, your wedding may need to be open to strolling passersby pausing and joining in on the moment. Of course, you can choose the more intimate locations within the park that may offer a more private-oasis-like feel. In this case, you can still have your iconic park moment with an extra level of intimacy for you and your guests. Either way, choosing the location is key.

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2. What are the most popular seasons for park weddings?

Not surprisingly, spring and fall. Spring is filled with new energy with all of the plant life coming out of dormancy and into the light. The blossoming flowers of spring reminds us of a new beginning--the perfect symbol for a wedding! As you can imagine, fall is popular for weddings because of the beautiful foliage. The park transforms as it takes on more dramatic, bold colors, creating a sense of warmth and romance that is truly unparalleled.

3. What is something that most people don’t know about park weddings?

How truly spectacular and practical they can be. Sometimes people have a preconceived notion that having the most important day in your life founded in a public space would be too risky. When we plan these weddings, we look at it the exact opposite way. The actual planning and production process is pretty simple. That being said, there are a couple of hurdles that we help our couples through, which primarily has to do with the weather. The weather can affect all weddings whether it is held indoors or outdoors. However, in all our park locations we have areas that provide coverage in the case of inclement weather. In addition, we also work with you to come up with an attractive and easily executable plan in the case mother nature is not cooperating on your special day.

4. What has been the biggest disaster that you have seen?

The biggest disaster we have come across is when we see couples who are feeling lost or overwhelmed in the process of planning their wedding. We work hard to reduce their stress and provide a picturesque, alternative wedding that is affordable. The most important thing is to keep focused on the fact that you found your partner out of the billions of people on the planet. This is truly a gift and should serve as a happy reminder whenever you are feeling overwhelmed! The union of two communities and the sharing of this union with loved ones shouldn’t be filled with stress, doubt, and overspending.

5. How expensive is it to get married in a park? Are there any hidden fees?

With four basic locations, pre-planning, and day of management, our prices start at under $1000.  An all-inclusive wedding ceremony with an officiant, a photographer, and flowers starts from under $2000. Most of our wedding services including the ceremony, reception, pre-planning, day of planning staff and management, basic transportation, music, photography, and videography are under $10,000! We don’t believe in hidden fees. The only additional charges the clients will incur is when they add additional services--all of which are quoted, discussed, and approved prior to billing.

6. Out of all the parks that IDoCelebrate works with, which is your favorite and why?

We have to pay homage to Central Park, as it is our first and most popular park. That being said, it is difficult to answer this question considering the diversity found within all of our park locations! San Francisco's beautiful Golden Gate Park is nestled in one of America’s greatest cities. And there is nothing quite like the sun glistening over the aqua blue water on your special day on the white sands of Miami Beach. When the beautiful and stately mall in Washington D.C. is blooming with lush cherry blossoms, it creates a truly magical setting. Last but not least, the gorgeous parks within Boston are truly a sight to behold in all their historical charm!

7. What is your biggest piece of advice to couples planning their weddings?

Enjoy this time! Stay true to the principles that drive you and your vision to find a team that will help you see your vision realized on all accounts. Then sit back and enjoy the process. If you follow these steps you will not only be thrilled with the results but you will look back fondly on the process. Congratulations and good luck!

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