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7 Wedding Expenses You’re Probably Forgetting

May 24, 2018
By Wedding Spot

Budgeting for the big day can be tricky. There are so many elements to consider during the planning process that it’s easy to overlook certain expenses. Here are some of the most-commonly forgotten wedding expenses that you should incorporate into your budget.

Check out 7 forgotten wedding expenses:

1. Marriage License

The wedding may be the star of the show, but the marriage license legally seals the deal. In some states, marriage licenses cost over $100 -- so it’s certainly not a minimal expense and must be accounted for in your budget

2. Invitation Postage

Invitations that involve heavier, multi-layered elements provide guests with a breathtaking sneak peek into the event-to-come, but these complex invites are not only more expensive to make, but also more expensive to mail. Be sure to consider the cost of postage as you review your invite options.

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3. Dress Alterations

Like any wardrobe essential, the key to getting that picture-perfect fit on a wedding gown is alterations. Unfortunately, these services don’t come for free. Once you find “the one,” ask the dress seller for details around alteration costs so you can lump these expenses into your overall budget for wardrobe.

4. Wedding Favors

Loving that cute bag of wedding favors you spotted on Pinterest? Keep in mind how much the items themselves will cost, as well the chic packaging. Want to step things up and get the favors delivered to each guest’s hotel room when they arrive? Be sure to contact your choice hotels and inquire about distribution costs.

5. Day-Of Meals

Sometimes couples focus so much on catering expenses for the wedding that they forget about the cost of feeding themselves and the wedding party the day-of. This is especially important if you’re hosting an evening affair. While you don’t want to be famished before you walk down the aisle, keep in mind that breakfast and lunch doesn’t need to be anything elaborate -- the real party begins later in the day!

6. Gratuities

Though some venues and vendors package gratuities into their overall cost, others will expect tips to be paid separately out-of-pocket. Be sure to take inventory of your wedding expenses and calculate potential gratuity costs to avoid any unexpected costs on big day.

7. Overtime Charges

If your wedding runs over schedule, many venues and vendors will compensate for their time and extra efforts by charging overtime fees. Make sure you have a good grip on your schedule -- including the amount of time needed to prepare for the wedding, taking photos, and cleanup -- to get accurate quotes from your venue and vendors.

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