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Wedding Invitation and RSVP Card Advice

May 15, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Keeping track of your wedding RSVP cards can be one of the most important and time consuming tasks that you tackle when wedding planning. Staying organized is essential to keep seating charts on track -- and keeping you from pulling your hair out.

Which is better? Both have their benefits and setbacks. See our pros and cons list below before selecting your RSVP method.

Find Out Whether You Should Use Online RSVP Cards:

RSVP cards online for a wedding:

Many couples are opting into utilizing new RSVP systems on their wedding websites to collect their guest responses. Couples who use this RSVP method usually direct invitees to their wedding website on the invitation and clearly state the deadline on the invite.


  • Saves money that you would spend on paper and printing

  • It can be easier to track online RSVPs rather than manually tracking physical RSVP cards

  • If your online RSVP form has required fields, guests are less likely to exclude essential information

  • It is less likely for online RSVPs to get lost than RSVP cards


  • For your older or less tech-savvy guests, RSVPing online can be cumbersome and difficult

  • Some people may not remember to RSVP by your deadline because they do not have a physical reminder

  • If you are a traditional kind of couple, this may not match up with the values or atmosphere you are trying to create on the big day

RSVP cards offline for your wedding:

Traditional RSVP cards are enclosed with the wedding invitation. The cards provide a place for invitees to write their name, indicate whether they are coming or not, and possibly their meal selection for the reception.


  • It serves as a physical reminder to RSVP for your wedding on time

  • RSVP cards add to the sumptuous look and feel of an invitation suite

  • You will potentially get to see all of the handwritten well-wishes your guests write

  • This approach is perfect for couples who want that traditional wedding feel


  • Paying to print out RSVP cards adds to the cost of your wedding invitations

  • You will need to manually record all RSVPs that come in , which can be a time-consuming and error-prone process

  • People sometimes forget to write their names on the RSVP card, causing confusion

Now you’re ready to select the best type of RSVP card to use for your wedding!

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