9 Ornament Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

9 Ornament Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

For couples who get married in the winter or have a Christmas-themed wedding, ornament wedding favors are a popular choice for guests. In this post, we’ll cover all the logistics involved as well as provide nine detailed examples of ornament types you can choose from. Keep reading for some practical suggestions, creative ideas, and recommended products! 

Discover 9 types of ornament wedding favors your guests will love:

Here are the most popular ornament styles along with why they’re so great, what you can do to make them your own, and some of the different versions you’ll find online. We also include (unsponsored) shoppable links to help you get started.

1. Ball ornaments

Clear or solid, glass ball ornaments are the most classic shape, which means they’re the easiest to find and/or decorate. While it's a challenge to write words on them, their shape makes them a great canvas for showcasing a bunch of different designs and patterns. 

Why guests love them: Ball-shaped ornament wedding favors are simply the most nostalgic. Because of that, they blend right in alongside other traditional ornaments your guests might already have at home.

How to personalize them: Add your initials, use your wedding colors or hashtag, or put your guests’ names on each one. 

Available options: Glass ornaments come in a wide range of sizes (from 1.18” to 24” in diameter), and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. There are also shiny, matte, clear, and glitter versions. There are even flattened ball ornaments, too.

Where to find them:  

2. Snowman ornaments

This classic winter character makes for an adorable ornament wedding favor, perfect for anybody.

Why guests love them: They’re cute and appropriate for the season. 

How to personalize them: Tie in the most one-of-a-kind aspects of your wedding to create your unique snowmen. For example, if you're having a destination wedding, give out snowman ornaments sporting sunglasses and board shorts. 

Available options: Snowman ornaments can look like they’re made out of a variety of clever objects (including marshmallows) and they can be dressed in anything that suits your wedding style or theme. You’ll find snowman designs on ball and disc ornaments or as standalone characters. 

Where to find them: 

  • Grab a DIY snowman mold from Etsy for a charming, hand-crafted clay ornament look. 

  • Personalize an adorable “snowman in boots” ornament using your names and wedding date at the Ornament Shop. 

3. Angel ornaments

Another classic holiday symbol, angel ornaments inspire both peace and religious tradition at your wedding.  

Why guests love them: Angels have always been associated with the holidays. Some people even have angel ornament collections, so yours will be a welcome addition. 

How to personalize them: Angel ornaments are often depicted holding a star or bugle but you can add whatever object you feel best represents your wedding.

Available options: Some angel ornaments are more detailed with faces and outfits, and others are more abstract featuring just an outline of an angel symbol or even only the wings. You’ll also find that angel ornaments are made from just about every type of material including clay, feathers, and plastic. 

Where to find them: 

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4. Snowflake ornaments

Want to stick to more winter-themed favors? Snowflakes make a great ornament shape regardless of whether or not there is actually any snow on your big day. 

Why guests love them: This ornament has extra special meaning behind it: the love and connection you feel for every wedding guest is just as unique as a snowflake. 

How to personalize them: Add a tag with the recipient's name on it and place it inside a see-through drawstring bag. 

Available options: Paper, beaded, and glittered snowflake ornaments are just some of the varieties you’ll find online. Some couples opt for snowflake ornaments that double as keychains or even bookmarks. 

Where to find them: 

5. Star ornaments

Whether you choose a starburst or a traditional five-point, this ornament type is a real crowd-pleaser at weddings. 

Why guests love them: Stars represent the greater universe we all belong to, adding a layer of gravity (pun intended) and magic to your wedding. And, depending on what kind you choose, they can also have religious meanings.

How to personalize them: Couples add their names, wedding date, and sometimes the wedding location. But you can also put your pets (in picture or painted form) as well as crystal gems, glitters, and sayings (like “Seasons Greetings”). 

Available options: There are a bunch of options when it comes to shape or symbolism, including a variety of materials (beads, felt, glass, clay, paper, etc.) and sizes (from 1” shooting star strings to 6” 3D ornaments). Go with a clear glass version to add a subtle sparkle to your guests’ trees or make a nostalgic and glittery paper version that kids will love. 

Where to find them: 

6. Disc ornaments 

Disc ornaments are flat circles that usually have a shiny or matte finish and one hole at the top for ribbon or twine.

Why guests love them: Disc ornaments are the most personalizable type of ornament wedding favor, which guests really appreciate, especially if you choose a design that connects with them on a deep level. And, on a more practical note, these round, flat discs are easy to travel with. They slip neatly into pockets and are less likely to break inside carry-on bags than their bulkier cousins. 

How to personalize them: Both store-bought and DIY versions are completely customizable. And the sky’s the limit, really! Add text, photos, and illustrations that represent you as a couple.

Available options: While ceramic ornaments are a great option, you can also use mini wood slices to make a boho or rustic version. If you go with this idea, add a red plaid ribbon for the hanger as well as a pine tree twig or two at the top. You can also add photos to disc ornaments using a simple DIY photo transfer process using affordable craft glue like Modge Podge. But if you’d prefer to buy them, you can choose custom printing on acrylic, silver metal, and even glass bases. 

Where to find them: 

  • These wooden wedding ornaments on Etsy have a lovely personalized engraving option and a cute image of a deer couple. Customers note that the shipping was faster than expected, which is always a plus. 

  • You can buy round disc ornaments from Beau Coup in a variety of solid colors and add on your personalized message using one of two elegant font options. 

7. Photo ornaments

These come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. 

Why guests love them: Family photos are one of the best ways to share love with your guests, which is why they’re a popular option for this style of ornament. These ornaments are practically guaranteed to turn a simple wedding favor into a cherished keepsake for generations. 

How to personalize them: Add your engagement photos, family Christmas card photo, or even a picture of your children (human or animal). If it’s large enough, consider using a photo from your last family reunion or even a group shot from the engagement party. Also, be sure to add the date of your wedding on it since people often enjoy seeing dates on photos when they look back on them years later. 

Available options: If you use an ornament with a flat surface, this wedding favor is fairly easy to DIY. A little Modge Podge will work wonders. Alternatively, for a whimsical style, you can create your own picture frame using popsicle sticks or sturdy craft paper. You can also purchase ornaments that already have picture frames built in or grab some mini picture frames from the dollar store and hot glue ribbon hangers to the back.

Where to find them: 

  • This elegant photo ornament from Zazzle is ceramic and modern. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes (including square, rectangle, heart, star, and circle). If you’re feeling extra fancy, add on some velvet gift pouches. 

  • If you want a picture frame version, check out these stunning gold leaf frame ornaments by Pottery Barn Kids. 

8. Felt character ornaments 

If you’re worried about your ornament wedding favors breaking, go with this light and soft idea instead. Handmade or store bought, felt character ornaments have just the right touch of whimsy and wholesomeness you want out of a decoration. 

Why guests love them: Besides being practical for those who have to worry about travel and transportation, felt character ornaments are super cuddly and tactile, which is a fun bonus for this already unique wedding favor idea.

How to personalize them: Make or order DIY felt versions of your pets, you and your partner as snowmen, or any other winter symbol that speaks to you. Red cardinals, stockings, and candy canes are great for this too.

Available options: If making or buying a whole matching set of felt character ornaments isn’t ideal, consider handing out pieces from a set (like zoo animals, elves, penguins, etc.). Their handmade appearance makes them perfect for a mismatched and truly unique wedding favor. 

Where to find them: 

9. Fandom ornaments

If you and your partner share a love of sports, superheroes, or hobbies, you can easily find or create an ornament wedding favor to depict it.

Why guests love them: Fandom ornaments give guests a little look into your world as a couple. Your shared interests form part of how you publicly express your partnership, so why not use that to symbolize your love in wedding favor form?

How to personalize them: Fandom ornaments are pretty personal, but the usual name, date, and photo addition ideas apply here as well. However, if you’d like to make them really stand out, hand make them using whatever materials fit your budget and crafting ability.

Available options: Depending on how mainstream your fandom is, you’ll be able to find lots of versions available in store or online. However, if you choose a topic known for high merchandising prices (we’re looking at you, NFL and Marvel), look into some of the other custom printing options we’ve laid out here and making your own by combining quotes, player numbers, and custom images.

Where to find them: 

  • If you do go the DIY route with this idea, there are tons of great affordable ornament wedding favor tutorials available on YouTube. Check this DIY fandom Christmas ornament video out. The creator uses bulb ornaments as the base for a dozen different fandom designs that look stylish on a budget. 

  • Support small artists with the truly one-of-a-kind fandom ornaments available on Etsy. Although they typically don’t offer customization, you can easily add your wedding details to a tag or on the hanger. 

Explore these must-know tips and tricks for your ornament wedding favors:

Here’s all the nitty-gritty stuff you need to consider when buying or making your own ornament wedding favors. We’ve answered some common questions and touched on other things you might not have even thought about yet. 

  • Get the quantity right. Order or make one ornament per person. If for whatever reason your ornament isn’t child-friendly, consider just giving adults the ornaments and offering something else for the children. Individually wrapped cookies or felt stockings are a great on-theme option.

  • Give yourself wiggle room. If you buy online, add a few extra just in case they break during shipping. 

  • Safeguard against wrong orders. Double-check design proofs for customizable ornaments since images or text can sometimes get cut off when printed. 

  • Package them individually if they’re fragile. If you choose round or glass ornaments, consider buying clear plastic or cardboard containers for each one. It will keep them safe, make them easier to transport, and provide a nice presentation. 

  • Get creative with your hanger. Every ornament needs something to hang from and you have lots of options to choose from, including ribbon, twine, and butcher string. If you choose to order your ornaments online, make sure to clarify if you’ll receive any kind of string as well because if not, you’ll have to foot the cost and spend time attaching them all. 

  • Prep your wedding day emergency kit accordingly. Hot glue guns are your best friend on your wedding day. Keep one on hand for your ornament wedding favors just in case they break or fall apart unexpectedly. 

  • Distribute them properly. You have several options when it comes to handing out the ornaments. You can decorate a large Christmas tree with them and welcome your guests to grab one on their way out (just make sure you also provide signage that clearly communicates this, otherwise some people might not get the memo). You can also place them on table settings or arranged to form a centerpiece. And lastly, you can place them in baskets near the exit for guests to take on their way out. 

  • Consider the materials. Avoid making or buying ornaments with loose glitter if you can. It tends to fall off, getting on guests and venue floors, which no one will appreciate. 

  • Here’s what text you should include, if any. If you plan to print or write something on your ornaments, most couples choose to include their names and the wedding date. They’ll sometimes add the wedding venue name as well. And, if you still have room left on either side, you can include a saying (“Our First Holiday Together” is a popular option). 

  • Time shipping well. Some ornament shops (like Personalization Mall) offer express shipping, but abide by the wedding favor rule of thumb, which is to order your favors a minimum of four weeks out from your wedding date. But, if you choose to order from a website that ships overseas, two or three months out would be a safer bet since their shipping times are considerably slower and you never know if there will be other issues to deal with. 

  • Time DIY projects well. If you choose to make your own ornaments, give yourself a full three months, regardless of what design or style you choose. Your first month will likely be spent shopping for and prepping materials. Your second month will include assembly and painting (if needed). And your third month will either involve packaging or, at the very least, give you buffer time as you deal with dozens of other wedding tasks closer to the actual day.

  • Safely store them. And, if you DIY your wedding favors, you’ll need to consider how you’ll store them (if they’re fragile) between project phases and to/from the venue. Luckily you have a few choices. First, try gently placing them in reusable plastic bags with seals. Place the bags in a large plastic container with a lid. Use duct or masking tape to clearly mark them as fragile on two sides and top of the receptacle. 

  • Prioritize shatter-proof options. These ornaments might cost a little more but they will be very much appreciated by out-of-towners and families with children. 

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