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28 Ideas to Announce Your Engagement on Instagram

Feb 24, 2021
By Wedding Spot

So you just got engaged. Congratulations! While you’ve probably already told your family and other close loved ones, you may be wondering how to share the news with everyone else, and what better way to do it than on social media? Keep reading to discover 28 Instagram engagement announcement ideas — from classic to unique to romantic — to find one that best fits you and your new fiance.

Classic Instagram engagement announcement ideas

1. Lightbox sign. Find a new or vintage lightbox and spell out “We’re engaged!” Include the wedding date and hashtag on there as well (if you have it).

2. Message on hands. Write “I said yes!” or something similar on your hand with your new gorgeous engagement ring on.

3. Balloons. Whether you get balloons that spell out “Engaged AF,” “I said yes,” or “Save the date,” a balloon-filled Instagram post will surely get the point across.

4. Engagement ring. A close-up photo of your stunning new engagement ring is a classic and elegant way to announce your engagement on social media.

5. Champagne pop. Shake up a bottle of champagne and pop the cork like you’re a rockstar. Whether you choose to record this as a video or a still photograph, this is easily one of our favorite Instagram engagement announcement ideas.

6. Sunset photo. Have either a professional photoshoot or just the two of you take selfies in front of a stunning sunset. It can be in your backyard, on a beach, in a park — wherever! Let nature inspire your announcement.

7. Cheers! Take a photo of you and your partner’s hands holding champagne glasses and cheers-ing. Make sure you get your sparkly new diamond in the shot, of course.

8. Chalkboard sign. Another classic Instagram engagement announcement idea is writing on a chalkboard. You can say, “I’m going to be a (insert last name here),” “Just engaged,” or anything else that comes to mind. There are infinite options for what you write, but the chalkboard itself looks really good as an Instagram photo.

Unique Instagram engagement announcement ideas

9. Vinyl record. Write on a vinyl record, “For the record, we’re engaged!” You can also take it a step further and completely design your own album cover as your announcement.

10. Use your pet. We love the idea of incorporating your furry friend into your engagement announcement. You can tie a customized chalkboard, bandana, or wooden sign to your sweet pet’s collar with something like “My humans are getting married!” written on it.

11. Crossword puzzle. Create your own crossword puzzle together and fill in the blank tiles with “We’re engaged!”

12. Sports-inspired. If sports are a big part of your relationship, consider using a football, basketball, etc. to announce your engagement. You can even caption it with “Gameday” and your wedding date.

13. Scrabble letters. For the lover of board games, use scrabble letters to spell out “I said yes!”

14. Magazine cover. Create your own magazine cover complete with a photo of the two of you and various different sentences to act as your magazine highlights. And don’t worry: You don’t have to be a design expert for this to work. There are tons of templates and purchasable options out there.

15. Street art. Ride around your city together looking for street art that represents your relationship. Use it as a backdrop for your Instagram engagement announcement, just as tons of couples do in front of Austin, Texas’ iconic “I love you so much” wall.

16. Map/globe. Use a map or a globe and put pins in every place the two of you have been together. Then on top, write “The best is yet to come.”

17. Themed photoshoot. Pick a theme that you both love and set up a themed photoshoot with a professional photographer. Make sure you’re wearing your engagement ring for the session!

18. TikTok video. For the ultimate millennial/Gen Z engagement announcement, pick a TikTok challenge and record yourself doing it, but in the middle, stop and hold up a sign that says, “Actually ... we’re engaged!”

Romantic Instagram engagement announcement ideas

19. Candid photo. Have a professional photographer or trusted loved one take candid photos of you and your partner during the proposal. People love seeing how the two of you interact naturally rather than a posed photo.


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20. Holding hands. Get a close-up photo taken of the two of you holding hands with the rest of the shot out of focus.

21. Close-up photo. We absolutely love the romance of a close-up photo of you and your new fiance. The intimacy is so lovely, touching, and endearing to see on social media.

22. Black and white photo. Black and white photos are timeless. If you’re looking for a romantic way to announce your engagement on social media, posting a black and white photo with a caption like, “Always and forever” is a great and simple option.

23. Use tree branches and flower stems. Use the branch of a tree or the stem of your favorite flower to place your ring on. This is a simple and elegant way to tell people about your future wedded bliss.

24. Proposal highlight video. If you have a video of the proposal, create a highlight reel of sorts to showcase the magical moment.

25. Framed wedding date. Find an antique picture frame and place the date of your wedding inside instead of a photo. Take a photo of the two of you holding a frame together as your announcement.

26. Lady and the Tramp spaghetti moment. One word: iconic. Get a photo of the two of you with one piece of spaghetti being shared. Caption it, “That’s Amore”.

27. Then and now photos. Either create a collage or post two photos that users can swipe between — one from when you first met vs. a photo of you now, engaged! For the caption, nothing fits better than “How it started vs. how it’s going.”

28. Kissing in the rain. Create a real cinematic moment by having a photoshoot in the rain. If you have the budget, this would make for an incredible video that you can post as well.

Announce your engagement in style!

You’ve announced your engagement! What next? For starters, learn how to plan a wedding with 25 must-know steps. And be sure to stick with the Wedding Spot Blog throughout your wedding planning journey, where we cover things like fun and unique escort card ideas, the pros and cons of weekday weddings, and absolutely everything in between.

Most importantly: Enjoy it! You deserve it.

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