4 Perfect Wedding Venues for the History Buff

Oct 29, 2014
By Wedding Spot

From timeworn wooden floors to ornate staircases, there’s nothing more special than the touch of time. We’ve found this to be true as we’ve stumbled upon many spectacular venues that showcase elements of history purely preserved within their walls.  Luckily for all of us, many of these gorgeous historic venues and landmarks graciously lend their spaces to the public.

It’s a history lover’s dream come true — especially if you’re looking for ways to incorporate a bit of the past into your wedding day! Whether you’re passionate about a certain time period, in love with the smell of old library books, or just geeky over historic tales, you’re destined to fall in love with these four charming venues we've collected.

Each a rare gem, these celebrated. historic wedding venues will make sure your wedding goes down in — well — history.

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Historic Wedding Venues: Our 4 Favorite in the US

Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda, California

A national institution and a local landmark, the Nixon Presidential Library and Birthplace in Southern California is home to an extensive collection of formerly restricted textual materials, including the infamous “White House tapes.” The Library also possesses the only replica of the White House East Room, a magnificent ballroom suited for a truly presidential celebration under the dazzling chandeliers. 1,400 rose bushes adorn the First Lady’s Rose Garden, and the intimate cottage—Nixon’s birthplace—can serve as backdrop to your ceremony. You can even step aboard the helicopter used by Presidents Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, and Ford for photos!

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Shadowbrook, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

Dating back to 1907, Shadowbrook is a New Jersey landmark with plenty of history. The picturesque property originally served as a fine country estate for a wealthy Manhattan surgeon and his family. Within Shrewsbury, Shadowbrook was the largest and most distinguished estate to be ever built. Even now, exquisite gardens full of flowers and rooms highlighting traditional architectural details remain to tell the story of the estate and its evolution. These 20 lush, secluded acres will transport any wedding into an era when romance and grandeur were at their finest.

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The Bently Reserve, San Francisco, California

Formerly the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, The Bently Reserve is a testament to the vibrant city’s architectural history. Considering its sixty-year dedication to the city as a Federal Reserve, the venue was added to the National Register of Historic Places. Built by renowned architect George W. Kelham in 1924, the building boasts a blend of classic and contemporary with its iconic colonnade and sleek lines. Impossibly high ceilings, reconditioned original chandeliers, marble floors, and the grand staircase are just a few of the beautifully preserved features within the Banking Hall where ceremonies and receptions unfold. Dramatic and elegant, The Bently Reserve is a solid stitch in San Francisco history.

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Wythe Hotel, Brooklyn, New York

A textile factory turned hotel, Wythe Hotel stands on the Williamsburg waterfront in the heart of Brooklyn. Embracing its unique industrial history, the hotel has maintained many of its original details (dating back to its construction in 1901!) including masonry walls and pine and brick ceilings. The preservation of its original industrial character seems to have fetched a uniquely warm ambiance throughout the hotel, furthered by intimate dining rooms and the open-air courtyard. If you’re into hip, handsomely upcycled spaces with a tough background, this is it.

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