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San Francisco Wedding Venues

San Francisco has had a reputation for decades as being one of the liveliest, most creative, and most forward thinking cities in the United States. A West Coast gem of vibrancy and innovation, this hub of all things fun is the ideal location for a wedding ceremony and reception. From the weather to the food to the exceptional services, weddings in San Francisco—traditional or nontraditional, local or destination—never fail to wow.

Buildings listed as historic sites embody old world charm. Wineries provide intimate conversation over high-end glasses of Northern California grapes. Upscale venues make way for tradition without sacrificing spunk, while modern marvels engross guests in ubiquitous spontaneity. San Francisco breathes passion.

Historic landmarks abound in this seaside setting, with wedding ceremonies in San Francisco often being held in mansions or hotels that brim with antique décor, period architecture, overstuffed chairs, and ornate chandeliers. Dance in ballrooms where time seems to stand still, and look out from balconies toward palatial views of the ocean and hillside.

With its close proximity to Napa and Sonoma, wedding venues in San Francisco for both ceremonies and receptions are often hosted in wineries. Industrially spacious surroundings with all wood and marble interiors create one-of-a-kind seating arrangements, a wine selection that is truly second to none, and rustic ambiance complete with upcycled decorations and locally sourced menu items.

Upscale venues in hotels, restaurants, and banquet halls still stay true to the City by the Bay flavor and spice. Class and customs combine with contemporary heart and soul in outdoor and indoor backdrops. For many of the options, unique would be an understatement, with one of the most popular areas being just off the shoreline on Treasure Island, with panoramic views of the skyline and the waterfront.

Despite all the aforementioned excellence, the selection of modern spaces is one of the more standout aspects of having wedding receptions in San Francisco. Art galleries envelope guests in floors of artistry from internationally renowned painters, sculptors, and photographers. Attendees can often explore room to room while sipping on high-end craft cocktails, immersed in the awe-inspiring setting that you made happen.

Wedding Venue Prices in San Francisco

As with pretty much everything in San Francisco, prices are higher here than in most cities. For venues that host both the wedding and the reception, the price for 100 guests normally falls around $20,000. Lavishness can bring the price well into the $50,000 range, though many of the top options can be found for $10,000 and even less. The wonderful climate means no significant change dependent on the season, but the large number of options allows a lot of wiggle room for most budgets.