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5 Ways to Prevent Wedding Drama

Mar 18, 2019
By Wedding Spot

For some couples, the best day of their life might also be one of their most feared -- especially if they are concerned about family drama breaking out. Sound familiar? Not to worry! Here are a few ways that you can help keep the family wedding drama at bay and enjoy your wedding.

Explore 5 ways to prevent wedding drama:

1. Shorten the guest list

The less people you have at the wedding, the less likely you’ll have wedding drama. The more people you invite, the more likely someone will have a problem with another guest. Having a long guest list can also make some feel left out. Shorter guest lists allow everyone to be part of your wedding day experience equally.

2. Limit the cocktails

Alcohol relaxes people’s inhibitions and can invite drama. If you don’t want someone to act out or have a family member who tends to overindulge, limit the alcohol flow during the big day. There are plenty of ways you can do this that also happen to come with cost savings: Skip cocktail hour, limit the amount of time the bar is open during the reception, or consider going with beer and wine only.

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3. Plan the seating chart carefully

Have a longstanding feud in the family? Then a seating chart will be your best friend. Keep any problematic parties seated as far away as possible from each other as possible. Limiting their interactions with one another and distracting them with people they enjoy is one of the best prevention tools you have in your arsenal.

4. Keep it honest

Anticipate wedding drama? Address it with the parties involved. Acknowledging your frustrations or fears in a polite but honest way can ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s better to communicate your issues before the “I do’s,” rather than getting into an emotional argument at cocktail hour.

5. Don’t invite the drama

Everyone has at least one or two people in their families that are over dramatic or tend to cause trouble. If you know who those people are and can reasonably exclude them from the big day, then consider skipping the invite. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life -- don’t invite people who will present unpleasant distractions.

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