5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Seating Chart for Your Wedding Day

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Seating Chart for Your Wedding Day

First off: Take a deep breath. When you’re first sitting down to create a seating chart for your wedding reception, the whole process can seem intimidating. But there are many ways you can ensure that every single guest is happy with where you’ve seated them. Here are our top five tips for creating a seating chart that everyone loves:

Select Your Tables

Unsurprisingly, the shape and size of your reception tables are going to have a huge influence on how you structure your seating chart. Long family-style tables will force people to sit next to and across from each other intimately, while large round tables create a more communal atmosphere. Both styles serve different purposes and create a different vibe so choose wisely.

Wait for an Accurate Guest List

Don’t make the mistake of mapping out your seating chart before everyone has RSVPed. You don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into placing someone who isn’t going to attend.

Place Your VIPs

Make sure your VIPs -- such as your parents and closest friends and family -- get the first consideration when it comes to picking seats. If you want your parents to be happy during the wedding, make sure they have first pick of where to go.

Face Your Family and Friend Dynamics

Have two friends with bad blood? Have an estranged uncle that your parents can’t stand? It may be unpleasant to think about your wedding guests not getting along, but it’s important to be honest with yourself about who likes each other. Avoid awkward situations and help your guests have a good time by placing people who don’t care for each other at separate (and preferably far away) tables.  

Consider Everyone’s Personalities

If grandma is going to doze off halfway through the event, don’t seat her at a table on the front lines of the dance floor. If you have a friend who is the life of the party, don’t banish them to a seat in the back corner. Always ask yourself “Is this the best seat in the house for this particular person?” before committing them to a seat.

Bonus Tip: Think Visually

If looking at all of your guests’ names in a spreadsheet is making seating chart creation difficult, don’t settle. Create a small map of the room with all of your tables, write everyone’s name on a sticky note, and let the game of musical chairs begin. You’ll be surprised how quickly things can fall into place when you have a visual aid.

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