5 Must-Do’s For Creating the Perfect Boho-Themed Wedding

5 Must-Do’s For Creating the Perfect Boho-Themed Wedding

Bohemian style has become all the rage these days -- from the flowy maxi dresses and exotic-printed kimonos strutting down fashion runways to wedding styling. Defined by a relaxed, eclectic style that catches the eye, it’s little wonder that this trend has become a popular theme for weddings. Discover how to create that quintessential boho vibe for your big day.

Highlight the Outdoors

Every flower child values Mother Nature. Whether you’re walking down the aisle inside or outside, it’s important that your wedding venue highlights the outdoors in some way. Sharing your first kiss as spouses beneath beautiful blue skies or bring elements of the outside in through your decor. If your venue features a stunning view, make sure you showcase it!


Use Wildflower Accents

To give your big day the perfect woodland nymph feel, ensure that your venue is dripping with flowers -- preferably flowers that look like they’ve been freshly picked from a picturesque field. Decorating with everyday greenery -- such as ferns -- can also be a popular option. Save some money by DIYing your arrangements, which will only add to your wedding’s bohemian look.

Be Creative

Boho wedding decor has one requirement: It needs to be creative. Some commonly utilized items for bohemian wedding decor include dreamcatchers, glass bottles, candles, and crystals. Giving your decor a DIY flare only adds to the appeal. The more eclectic the decor, the better!


Go Heavy on the Textiles

Bohemian weddings should feel casually luxurious. One way to achieve this sometimes elusive atmosphere is by utilizing a variety of textiles in your decor. Think elaborate tapestries draped across the walls and pillows and cushions spread throughout the floor.

Dress Casual

To complete the bohemian vibe, select a wedding dress and wedding party garb that is relaxed, whimsical, and perhaps slightly vintage. This doesn’t mean that you have to dress down for the occasion. The bride and her bridesmaids can opt for long, flowy dresses with lots of lace while the groom and groomsmen can wear suits featuring bright pops of color while skipping the formal jacket.

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