Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in 10 Easy Steps

Find Your Dream Wedding Dress in 10 Easy Steps

Most women dream of what their wedding dress will be look before they even begin searching for their groom. This can make finding your picture perfect dress challenging and perhaps even a bit stressful. Of course, it doesn’t have to be this way. Follow our simple step-by-step process for finding (and buying) the dress you’ve always dreamed of!

Step One:
Determine the Budget
12 Months Out

Before you even begin looking at any dresses, determine how much of your budget will be allocated to the dress. This not only protects your wallet, but also narrows your dress options and makes shopping easier overall.

Step Two:
Find Some Inspiration
12 Months Out

Don’t set foot in a bridal shop fitting room before doing a little research. Even if you find a dress that steals your heart, be sure to consider the practicalities. Is a dress that elaborate in your budget? Will it suit your venue? Will it keep you comfortable during whatever season you’re hosting your wedding?

Step Three:
Pick Your Entourage
12 Months Out

Pick the people you want by your side as you try on dresses. Try to keep your entourage small so you won’t be overwhelmed with opinions.

Step Four:
Start Shopping
11 Months Out

Now that you’ve laid out a battle plan, it’s finally time to start shopping! Book your salon appointments well in advance and be sure to come prepared with pictures of dresses you love (and your lovely entourage, of course).

Step Five:
Buy the Dress
8 Months Out

Have you finally found the dream dress? Congrats! It’s time to seal the deal by putting down the deposit. Make sure you have enough for at least half of the dress’ price on-hand. Also be sure to confirm the timeline with the salon so you know exactly when your dress will be ready for pickup.

Step Six:
Find Your Accessories
6 Months Out

It’s time to start finding the perfect accessories that will make your look pop! Be sure to start with your undergarments, as they will be by far the most important accessory you wear with your dress. If possible, get all of your undergarments and accessories in a row before your first fitting.

Step Seven:
Attend Your Fitting
3 Months Out

The first fitting is the perfect time to work out any kinks you might find with the dress. Aside from evaluating the initial fit, be sure to move around in your dress and make sure everything feels just right. If you need something adjusted, now is the time to say something!

Step Eight:
Go to Your Final Fitting
3 Weeks Out

It’s finally time to see what your dress looks like in its final form. Be sure to bring a special someone to share this heartwarming moment with!

Step Nine:
Strut Your Stuff
2 Weeks Out

If you’re wearing a pair of heels, take a few days to walk around in them for an hour or two and break them in. If you find that they’re too uncomfortable to bare, you still have plenty of time to find a more comfortable pair.

Step Ten:
Get Your Dress
2 Weeks - 2 Days Out

It’s finally time to pick up your wedding dress from the salon! Be sure to find a good hiding spot where your fiance won’t peek. Your mileage may vary on pickup time. Some salons will hold your dress until right before the big day!

Step Eleven:
Enjoy the Party!
The Day of the Wedding

The big day is finally here! Have a blast knowing that you’re about to marry the love of your life while looking drop-dead gorgeous.

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