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District of Columbia Wedding Venues

Washington, D.C., the United States capital, is one of the most iconic cities in the world—a place of national monuments, historic landmarks, and some of the finest dining, shopping, services, and nightlife in the country. An exceptional choice for destination weddings and locals alike, the options for both ceremonies and receptions do the noble city justice.

D.C. weddings unfold in one of the city’s distinct neighborhoods, located mostly in the northwestern part of the city and each boasting their own unique and impressive selection. These iconic areas include Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Downtown, Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, and U Street Corridor.

Georgetown is actually older than the District of Columbia, founded four decades before the city itself. Needless to say, the neighborhood is historic, hosting a refined and lavish selection within notable, modern settings. Situated on the banks of the Potomac River, river view and river cruise events create wonderful nautical backdrops, while indoor venues feature old-world allure with contemporary charisma.

While you may know it as being another term for Congress, Capitol Hill is the largest residential neighborhood in the city, brimming with evidence of nearly every decade of American history. Famously housing Pennsylvania Avenue, your wedding venue could share a street with the White House. Choose between warm gatherings of a close few to extravagance in some of the world’s largest ballrooms, all featuring breathtaking architecture both outside and in. For a wedding in Washington D.C., it truly does not get more iconic than in Capitol Hill.

With little residents and more restaurants, nightlife, hotels, shopping, attractions, and sites, Downtown D.C. is a lively epicenter for spectacle and elegance. Romance is never more than a few steps away, featuring weddings with unparalleled panoramic views in historic gathering places, where couples can bask in the same opulence as yesteryear, but with a heavy hand from everything the modern day offers.

Landmark buildings abound in Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, two neighboring neighborhoods balancing trendy with old school. From historic offerings with the likes of the Carnegie Institution for Science, to modern spaces adorned with locally inspired artwork and chic furnishings and finishes, the eclectic hub has an option for every style of event.

One of the more underrated areas for event hosting, U Street Corridor is brimming with Victorian-era architecture and a storied past. The more affordable options cause no sacrifice to the quality, and the jazz-centric surroundings make for hip alternatives to lavish ballrooms that many couples would consider to be on the stuffier side. Exchange vows in historically significant art galleries that can cover both the wedding and the reception for all-around convenience and a collective experience.

Wedding Venue Prices in District of Columbia

In the winter months November through February, venue prices can drop by as much as 20%, and scheduling a wedding on a weekday can drop the price even more no matter what season it is. The average cost of a wedding in Washington D.C. is $37,500, but those on a budget can drop that cost by up to 40% if off-peak season and day of the week factors are combined.

The overall price is also dependent on the number of guests and additional services, such as décor, flowers, invitations, entertainment, and food. While the demand of the venue, its amenities, and its packages can all play a large part in the overall cost, the number of people in attendance is one of the biggest factors.

In addition to the initial cost of the venue, a standard rate of 21% service fee is charged, as well as a 10% sales tax on food and beverage. A 5.75% sales tax is added to any other purchases and rentals outside of food and beverage.

Information and Resources for Weddings in District of Columbia

When applying for a District of Columbia marriage license, you will need:

  1. A valid ID (Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Military ID)

  2. Your Social Security number (Card not required)

In addition to the above, you will need $35 for the license application fee and $10 for the certificate of marriage fee. Both fees can be paid by cash, credit card, or money order, and there is no residency requirement.