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Museum of Food and Drink

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Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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Event Center


Rehearsal Dinner / Bridal Shower


62 Bayard Street
New York, NY 11222


There’s no better place to gather with friends and food than at the Museum of Food and Drink! Polish off a dinner following the wedding rehearsal before exploring this quirky museum that looks into everyone’s favorite thing. Located in Williamsburg, the museum features rotating exhibitions on various food-related topics, incorporating taste, touch, and smell for an unforgettable experience. Check out the museum’s list of neighborhood partners, who offer discounts to members. Italian at Bamonte’s; pierogis and stuffed cabbage at Polka Dot; renowned Brooklyn Brewery Tasting Room. To satisfy the sweet tooth, there is a myriad of options: taste your way through the dessert menu at Patisserie Tomoko; stop for doughnuts at Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop; and discover quirky ice creams at Oddfellows. The Museum of Food and Drink unites people around food, so bring your wedding party together for that last hurrah!

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Museum of Food and Drink

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Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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