Provided By: 009 Uncle Julio's - Buckhead
009 Uncle Julio's - Buckhead

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Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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Banquet Hall/Restaurant


Rehearsal Dinner / Bridal Shower


1860 Peachtree Rd NW Atlanta, GA 30309
Atlanta, GA 30309


There’s nothing better than great food shared with close family and great friends, and Uncle Julio’s understands that perfectly! Its exclusive group dining and private party menu allows you to immerse your festivities in mouth-watering authentic Mexican dishes, from freshly made guacamole to delicious fajitas served straight from the grill. With the largest patio on Peachtree Road, Uncle Julio’s has been a favorite among locals, and it’ll be no mystery as to why that is once you’ve tried the dishes and seen the space for yourself!

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009 Uncle Julio's - Buckhead

Venue Highlights

Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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