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Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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Banquet Hall/Restaurant


Rehearsal Dinner / Bridal Shower


2424 Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90405


Lunetta All Day and Lunetta is a restaurant twosome in Santa Monica run by namesake Raphael Lunetta. The summery scene at Lunetta All Day is set by tall open windows and white walls, shelves and countertops, perfect for taking in sunlit bites and sips. This cheery spot features quaint bar seating and a mix of neatly arranged booths and tables. It is great for any meal of the day, breakfast, brunch, happy hour, or dinner. After dark, if you’re in the mood, flip it upside down and wander over to Lunetta, Lunetta All Day’s nighttime counterpart. Given the décor it is clear that the two share a central vain—the kitchen. Likewise, Lunetta is neatly decorated with elegant booths tables and bar seats, but there is also a fireplace setting and an accompanying rugged area with plush lounge furniture. It’s large carved wood bar and brass and cognac leather accents glow with candlelight, dim and elegant. Invite your guests for a private event at either location and enjoy highly customizable packages for individual sit-down meal service as well as family style options, passed hors d’oeuvres, stations and cocktails for about $55-$65 per person.

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Rehearsal dinner and bridal shower

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