Best Outdoor wedding venues in District of Columbia

Our Curated List of the Top 10 District of Columbia Outdoor Wedding Venues
  • 1
    The Schuyler
    Washington, District of Columbia
    The Schuyler is not an ordinary venue. This D.C. establishment bills itself as an Art-Deco event canvas with the latest technology, superb service, and ultimate flexibility. You are the visionary — so bring your wildest dreams.
  • 2
    Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
    College Park, Maryland
    University of Maryland’s Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center is more than a building to host your wedding, it is a story that continues to be written. It is an elegant venue that, while functional, is also warm and welcoming and perfect for your romantic wedding ceremony and reception—and whether you are a Maryland alumnus or a friend, you and your spouse can write yourself into the narrative.
  • 3
    Monkton, Maryland
    There is so much to see, hear, and experience at Foxfire, a beautiful estate in the heart of Maryland's Harford Country, that invites you to create everlasting memories. Foxfire is a fine estate that promises beauty as far as the eye can see. With elements of charm everywhere you go, the opportunities for captivating moments and jaw-dropping snapshots throughout your day are limitless.
  • 4
    The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church
    Washington, District of Columbia
    Host your beautiful wedding day at The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church. The New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (NYAPC) embodies a rich history built on the very foundations of the Reformed tradition in this country. It is an ideal location for your wedding celebration with family and friends. They were formed in 1859-1860, but trace roots to 1803.
  • 5
    Georgetown Lutheran Church
    Washington, District of Columbia
    Set in the beautiful Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C., Georgetown Lutheran Church perfectly matches its surroundings. Weathered grey stones, vines, and a classic steeple make it a traditional yet charming venue for an intimate wedding ceremony. The church was established in 1769 and boasts Gothic and Romanesque accents and polished gardens that are gorgeous in the spring and summer.
  • 6
    Washington, DC, District of Columbia
    Located in the heart of DuPont Circle in Washington, D.C. Toolbox is easily a top choice for your wedding celebration with it’s one of a kind concept and boutique interior. Impress your guests with a fusion of classic and contemporary. Toolbox boasts décor that combines the warmth of natural materials, such as wood floors and brick walls, with abstract glass staircase railing.
  • 7
    President Lincoln's Cottage
    NW Washington, District of Columbia
    Nestled within the heart of Washington at the crossroads of Upshur Street and Rock Creek Church Road Northwest, President Lincoln’s Cottage is a historical wedding and reception venue with countless details of rustic charm. Located north of The White House, this venue provides a beautiful blend of urban and rural details in one expansive property.
  • 8
    Tudor Place Historic House And Garden
    Washington, District of Columbia
    Welcome to Tudor Place Historic House & Garden, where you will find settings that range from intimate to grand. Historic buildings, framed by garden landscapes of magnolia, holly, and boxwood highlighted by iron gates, and rippling fountains, lend a sense of luxury from centuries past. Located on more than five acres in the heart of Georgetown, Tudor Place is an oasis of gardens within the city.
  • 9
    Arts Club of Washington
    Washington, DC, District of Columbia
    Hospitality, history, and today’s vibrant arts scene are all part of the wedding package at the Arts Club of Washington. This venue is a beautifully furnished historic mansion, once the home of President James Monroe. The central and convenient location is perfect for your guests, just four blocks from the White House.
  • 10
    The City Club of Washington
    Washington DC, District of Columbia
    When it comes to Washington, D.C. wedding venues and reception locations, the exceptional, refined amenities and superior professional services offered at The City Club of Washington are simply unparalleled. The atrium, with its sky-high ceilings, offers the ideal location for a regal ceremony on the red stone stairs beset by banisters draped in floral garlands.