What’s Your Wedding Style?

What’s Your Wedding Style?

Planning a wedding is a daunting task, but having a style or theme to stick to can make the process easier and give everything a cohesive feel. It can guide choices in decoration, floral arrangements, venue, invitations, and color palate, to name a few. Below are a few different “styles” accompanied by lists of what a bride might like or expect from that theme. Use it as a strict or loose guideline to customize your day.


You might be the romantic type if you favor:

·     Soft, muted pastels

·     Chandeliers (or anything sparkly)

·     Lots and lots of flowers (peonies, calla lilies, English rose)

·     Calligraphy (invitations, handmade signs)

·     Tulle, lace, and a good pair of heels

·     Princess ball gowns

· Understated, elegant jewelry


You don’t follow the rules and your style has flair and a playful assertiveness. This is your style if you love:

·     Patterns

·     Geometric shapes

·     Darker (or bolder) colors (navy, black, metallic, neon or intense pastels)

·     Structural centerpieces or backdrops

·     An untraditional wedding gown (two piece, colored, minidress, tea length—the list goes on)

·     A moody or industrial vibe

· Sleek accents and furniture


Perhaps you adore a certain time of year. A seasonal wedding doesn’t have to mean spring and summer. Winter and fall weddings can be just as delightful, and offer unique inspiration. And, you can adapt seasonal weddings to any theme—from romantic to modern; vintage and whimsical; bohemian; garden party to formal black tie.

For autumn weddings, try:

·     Rich fall colors—browns, reds, oranges, and/or yellows

·     Wood accents (thing rustic)

·     Cozy decorations

Winter brides can consider:

·     White and/or blue base color palate

·     A bright main color

· Crystal/glass accents

Of course, you don’t have to stick with any one theme, and many can be mixed-and-matched easily. Just keep in mind cohesion, which will keep everything visually pleasing to you and your guests. Plus, it will photograph well, so you have beautiful memories.

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