Wedding Videography Packages, Ideas, Tips

Wedding Videography Packages, Ideas, Tips

Looking around for some great wedding videography but don’t know where to begin? We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to find and choose the perfect wedding videography package, or use a DIY wedding videography solution for your big day. 

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Videography Packages

How much does it cost to hire a videographer for a wedding?

According to popular outsourcing site Thumbtack, the average wedding videographer can cost anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500. That price varies greatly depending on how extensive your wedding videography package is, where the videographer is traveling from (if they’re not local), and their level of experience. 

How long is the average wedding video?

If you want to include everything from the bridal party getting dressed to the final farewells after the reception, you can expect your wedding video to run as long as 25 minutes. Or, if you just want the highlight reel, it will most likely be the length of one unedited song (think: 3 minutes-ish). 

3 most common wedding videography packages & the pros/cons of each 

Different wedding videographers will all have their own names for these, but you can expect their menu to include these options: 

1. Just the basics - A short highlight reel of your ceremony. You may also opt to receive the raw footage and edit it yourself. 

Pros: It’s the most affordable and its shorter length makes it easier to upload and share on social media. 

Cons: You miss out on capturing moments with family and friends during the reception. 

2. Standard package - All of the above plus an extended wedding film with getting-ready scenes and wedding reception highlights. Your footage will be pre-edited and might even include some clips optimized for various digital platforms. 

Pros: This middle-of-the-road option is affordable and gives you a full look at the wedding day as a whole. 

Cons: Special extras are not included and a la carte options can start to rack up the bill, especially if they require additional staff or special equipment. If you want those things anyway, you may as well opt for the deluxe tier. 

3. All the bells and whistles - You want it, you got it. This wedding videography package includes all of the above as well as exciting bonuses like rehearsal dinner footage, color correction, full reception speeches, drone sequences, DVDs, and more. 

Pros: You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve captured every special minute of your wedding with the best possible equipment and staff in every way imaginable. 

Cons: It’s pretty pricey and you may find that you didn’t need so many extras after all. 

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Wedding videography styles

Before you dive into your wedding videographer options, it’s good to narrow down what styles you love the most. Then, all you have to do is find a professional within your budget who best emulates that style. Here are some common options you should be able to locate near you no matter where the wedding will take place: 

  • Standard or traditional. Focuses on the actual ceremony and reception with minimal editing. This one is the easiest to DIY if you own (or want to rent) the equipment. 

  • Documentary or journalistic. This version will often include behind-the-scenes footage as well as short interviews with friends and family. It’s unobtrusive and great for couples who want something edited but not stylized. 

  • Storytelling. Turn your wedding day video into a love story with artistically chosen highlights, aesthetic moments, and the occasional voiceover. This style turns you and your spouse into characters in the film, which means the focus is more on you two than the event itself. 

  • Cinematic. An Oscar-worthy feature that goes above and beyond the Storytelling style to include: sweeping camera angles, artfully edited scenes, fully developed themes, a clear beginning, middle, and end, and plenty of dreamy slow-mo and aerial scenes. 

5 creative wedding videography ideas

Ask your videographer to give these a go or enlist a friend to do it for you! 

  1. Attach a Go Pro to your dog and have him/her run around all day with it. 

  2. Have a stationary camera capture a time-lapse of the venue setup, party, and takedown. 

  3. Ask friends and family to take videos and share them with a specific hashtag for you to harvest and combine later. 

  4. Add cameras to your wedding party bouquets for the ceremony. Afterward, place the bouquets in vases as table centerpieces during the reception. 

  5. Set up a video booth. Have guests record their well wishes and advice for you and your spouse in a talking head style set up. 

Wedding videography tips to save money

These wedding videography tips and hacks will save you a few bucks so you can focus on spending your budget in other areas. 

  • Put wedding videography on your registry. Ask for a talented friend to offer their services (videography, editing, or both) or crowdfund the expense. 

  • Find a wedding videographer who works alone. Assistants cost extra, after all. 

  • Ask for your videographer for the raw footage and get a cheaper editor to polish it for you. 

  • Use a videography service that will send you the equipment, provide tips, and finalize the video. Your guests will actually be the ones who will capture the moments - the professionals will handle everything else. As long as you prepare your own shot list and have someone in charge of it, it’s simple to do and will look really high quality. 

How to find and choose a wedding videographer

Here are the answers to your most burning questions: 

1. Where should I start looking for a wedding videographer? 

Your first plan of attack should be to grab some word of mouth referrals from loved ones. Their videos are already finalized and ready for viewing, so get online and look for the ones you love the most. Ask your friends how much they spent and if they were happy with the process. Then, if you still need ideas, start searching online. You can also ask your wedding venue for a preferred vendor list or other recommendations. 

2. What are the best tools for finding a wedding videographer near me? 

Yelp, Reddit, and WEVA (the Worldwide Event Videographers Association) have plenty of honest reviews and referrals in your given area. 

3. What questions should I ask a wedding videographer to make sure they’re a good fit? 

First, make sure they’re available for your wedding date, offer services within your budget, and have samples that are exactly what you’re looking for in a wedding video. Then, ask about their experience with weddings like yours (similar themes, styles, religion, or anything else that defines your celebration). Afterward, ask them about their relationship with your chosen venue and photographer (if any). 

And finally, inquire about what equipment they plan to use. This is especially important if you want to have your footage edited by a third party after the fact because not all camera footage is created equal and some will be much more costly than others. 

Need even more information about wedding videography and photography?

Here’s some more information on how to choose your wedding photography style as well as tips for your engagement photo location and advice on how to get comfortable with being on camera. 

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