How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Sep 15, 2017
By Wedding Spot

Congrats on your engagement - next step: search wedding venues on Wedding Spot!

Our team works personally with each wedding venue to ensure that the information listed is accurate, easy to understand, and most importantly relevant. Our goal is to help you walk away with a rough understanding of where your budget should begin in order to have a wedding at a particular venue.

You’ll see that our “spot estimates” are not just venue fees, but a combination of possible items you may need on your special day (ex: catering). That way you get a good understanding of the overall picture!

There are many ways to use our site but below is a guide to help get you started!

Wedding Venue Search: How to Find the Perfect One

Step 1:


Search for wedding venues by location, budget, service type, and styles.

Tip: Start with a broad search and filter down!

Step 2:


Read through wedding venue descriptions, look at photo galleries, and learn more about amenities included and special restrictions.

Tip: The budget range includes starting prices for food and drinks!

Step 3:


Build out your ideal wedding and get a budget estimate based on your guest count and selected options.

Tip: Play around with the different options to see how pricing changes!

Step 4:


Save your Spot Estimates™ and compare venues side-by-side.

Step 5:


Set up a site tour and book your special day!

A “Spot Estimate” is based on starting prices and is NOT an exact quote. You should never rely on these estimates as final pricing, instead reach out to the venues to discuss specifics!

Good luck on your venue search!

Venue: The San Francisco Mint

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