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Your Top 5 Wedding Registry Questions Answered

Jul 2, 2018
By Wedding Spot

We’re going to be honest: receiving gifts is a huge part of getting married. You only get so many opportunities in life to make a wish list of your favorite products for your friends and family to buy for you -- take advantage of it! With that being said, the prospect of building a wedding registry can be daunting if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we answered some of your top questions about wedding registries.

Here are answers to your top 5 wedding registry questions:

1. When do we sign up for a wedding registry?

It’s polite to give your guests as much time as possible to select an appropriate gift. Typically, creating your registry four to six months in advance is best. This also gives guests plenty of time to see what you might need for other gift giving events, like your bridal shower.

2. How many gift registries should we sign up for?

It’s tempting to open up a registry at a multitude of stores, but do your best to resist. Register at a maximum of three different stores. Part of the point of a wedding registry is to make gift-giving easier on your guests. Providing too many options can create confusion and be overwhelming.

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3. How do we choose what goes on our wedding registry?

If you want it and it’s not too extravagant, it can go on the registry. While it’s best to ask for items that you need, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to ask for products that you love but might be hesitant to purchase yourself. With that being said, it’s important to provide gift options at a variety of different price points to accommodate your guests’ varied budgets. If you decide to put any big ticket items on the registry, allow more than one guest to contribute toward the item.

4. How do we get the word out about our wedding registry?

Some couples opt to tell guests about their wedding registry using a card folded within their wedding invitation. However, some guests might perceive this as being a bit abrasive or tacky. The most discreet way to get the word out is by directing guests to your wedding website, which should include plenty of information about the big day and a link out to your gift registry.

5. What if we already have everything that we need?

If you’re already content with the housewares you currently own, consider alternative registry options. Some couples opt for a honeymoon registry, which allows guests to pay for the couple’s activities during their romantic getaway. Other couples ask for contributions to a downpayment on their first home or home renovations. You can even set up a gift registry that allows guests contribute to your favorite charity. Your alternative wedding registry options are almost endless!

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