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5 Special Wedding Touches We Love

Jul 25, 2018
By Wedding Spot

Wedding ceremonies, which were once traditional and stiff, have seen an evolution that continues today, as brides and grooms find ways to put their unique spin on their big day. While there is an endless amount of ways to shake things up, we’ve narrowed down five special wedding touches for you to try out.

Check out 5 of our favorite special wedding touches:

1. Ditch the white

White wedding gowns have only been truly in fashion since Queen Victoria married Albert. Eastern cultures have traditionally favored red. Prior to Queen Victoria’s marriage, bridal fashions varied with rich fabrics and colors, but also adapted to current trends. So, you’re not bound to a white gown, nor a long and flouncy once. Try a different color dress, something vintage or vintage inspired, a tea-length dress … the possibilities are up to you.

2. Write your own vows

As it is becoming popular now, put a spin on “till death do us part” and incorporate some meaningful words about your fiancé and your story. Make it something you’ll remember in five years or 50.

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3. Choose the tunes

No one said you have to walk down the aisle to the classic wedding march. Choose music that you’d want to walk to (but if that means the wedding march, that’s great, too). It could be funky; rock ‘n’ roll; the latest pop hits; songs that are special to you and your fiancé; a live harpist. Make it fun, ensuring smiles as you float down the aisle. Or dance. Dancing is very acceptable.

4. Ban the smartphone

You’ve probably invested in a wedding photographer whom you love to capture your big day with beautiful, high-quality images. But, there’s not much they can do when a smartphone photobombs a perfect picture. Ask your guests to put away the phones and cameras and focus on being present with you on what is going to be one of your life’s most important days. Leave the record-keeping to the professionals.

5. Get your guests involved

They’ve come to support you and show their love, so get them involved in the ceremony! Consider coordinating with your wedding planner to have a choreographed walk down the aisle to their seats and help them meet your fiancé’s wedding guests. Maybe you’ll change up the seating from the traditional rows or mix and mingle your guests with the seating chart. And if you have a smaller ceremony, ask guests to join hands and form a circle around you as you exchange your vows.  

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