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5 Elements That Make the Biggest Impact on Your Wedding Day Ambiance

Aug 7, 2018
By Wedding Spot

Are you one of those soon-to-be-wed couples that knows exactly what kind of look and feel that you want for your wedding day? Congratulations! The first step to creating a distinctive wedding day ambiance that your loved ones are sure to remember is knowing what you want. But when you start to budget for wedding decor, you may wonder what costs are worth prioritizing and what’s worth skipping.

Explore 5 elements that make an impact on wedding day ambiance:

1. Venue

Unsurprisingly, the venue packs the most punch when it comes to setting the ambiance for your big day. The venue provides a space for the occasion will take place and will heavily influence all other aspects of the event. This is especially true if you decide to spring for an all-inclusive venue that offers well-rounded wedding packages.

2. Lighting

While lighting can often be an afterthought during wedding planning, it’s one of the most important elements for creating a unique ambiance. Great lighting not only bolsters the look and feel of the venue, but also highlights all of the decor that you’ve invested in and offers your wedding photographer more enchanting backdrops for snapping unforgettable photos. Keep in mind that “great lighting” can mean both natural or artificial lighting.

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3. Linens

When you and your guests walk into the wedding venue, the first thing you will notice is what takes up the majority of the room: tables covered in linens. While it’s tempting to treat linens like an afterthought, give them the careful consideration they deserve. The right linens can really  make even the most subdued centerpiece decor pop, so think about how certain fabrics and colors contribute to the atmosphere you’re trying to achieve before making your selections.

4. Chairs

Much like linens, chairs are one of the first things you and your guests will notice when entering the reception venue. Pretty chairs that work in tandem with beautiful linens and tabletop decor to create a beautiful first impression of your reception venue. Though higher end or more unique chairs cost more, their visibility to guests makes them worth splurging on.

5. Music

Anyone who regularly hosts parties will tell you: Choosing the right background music is everything. Making music choices that are appropriate for the mood you’re trying to set for the big day is a huge factor in creating the ambiance you’ve always imagined. The first big decision you’ll need to make is whether to hire a DJ or a live band, which can create two entirely different feels at a wedding reception. From there, consider what kind of music selections you’d like to make to conjure the atmosphere you desire.

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