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4 Wedding Speech Tips You Should Know

Mar 13, 2019
By Wedding Spot

There’s a reason why people tend to tear up at weddings. Not only are you kicking off your marriage, but you are surrounded by family and friends that support you. It’s only natural to want to thank everyone for joining you on one of the most important days of your life. Here are a few easy-to-execute tips for writing the perfect thank you wedding speech for your guests.

Explore 4 wedding speech tips you should know before your big day:

1. Agree on a tone

Talk to your partner about what you would like to convey in the wedding speech. Obviously you want to communicate a sense of gratitude, but the tone your speech takes on is entirely up to you. Decide if you want to be humorous, heartfelt, or something else. Be true to yourselves as a couple while also considering your audience.

2. Make a list of people

There are people who are attending the wedding as guests and then there are people attending the wedding as guests who really helped make everything happen. Sit down with your soon-to-be spouse and make a list of people who have pitched in financially or otherwise. These are your must-mention people that should be incorporated by name into the speech.

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3. Incorporate a story

If you want people to stay engaged with your wedding speech, try to incorporate a short story about your love and how everyone has been there to see it unfold. Don’t make the speech too long, but a good story can keep people interested and maybe even have them laughing or crying!

4. Practice makes perfect

If you want your wedding speech to be smooth and go off without a hitch, make sure you practice. This is even more important if you anticipate getting a little stage fright. Try to memorize your key points so you can be more engaged with your guests and not lean on index cards, which can make your speech sound stilted and insincere.

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