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Should I Hire a Wedding Planner?

Feb 6, 2019
By Wedding Spot

Wedding planning can be daunting, depending on the size and scale of the fête. You may be wondering: Should I hire a wedding planner? Here are a few things to consider before you hire a professional.

“Should I hire a wedding planner?” The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no …

First, consider the type of event you are planning. If you plan on having fewer guests in a relatively simple venue (like your backyard), and you are also going to DIY things like decorations, you may not need a wedding planner. Especially if you are also on a tighter budget. Instead, consider enlisting your maid of honor and, perhaps, one or two other bridesmaids to help you keep organized and on-track with the to-dos. They can help coordinate tasks, be the point-person for certain responsibilities, and, of course, help keep the stress at bay.

If your wedding is going to be an extravagant affair involving many vendors, you may want to consider hiring a planner. This would also be high priority if you have a very specific vision for your wedding day but very little time to do your own research. It may also be wise to hire a planner if you are having a destination wedding. You’ll want someone local to the area or who has experience working with vendors there.

Hiring a planner doesn’t mean you are stripped of all creative freedom and decisions. A planner is there to help guide you through the process. But, if you want to hand it all to them as well, that, too, is an option. Whether you stay involved or leave it to them is up to you, but to make sure things go smoothly, two things are key.

Make sure that you have great communication so there are no misunderstandings. When you are “interviewing” potential wedding planners, be (kindly) upfront with your expectations. Secondly, make a mood board — this is easy on Pinterest — with separate categories for everything: color; food; flowers; dress; light; venue; centerpieces; other decorations. The more thorough you are, the more you give the planner to work with. Mood boards can give planners a great sense of what your style is, so that they can help guide your decisions.

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