Secrets to an Instagram Worthy Wedding

Secrets to an Instagram Worthy Wedding

Have you finally decided on your perfect wedding hashtag? With all the thought that goes into coming up with a catchy and creative hashtag, you might wonder what wedding day memories it will help you capture. What will you see when you scroll through your wedding hashtag feed? Here are a few ideas that go beyond the classic photo booth that will get your guests posting:

Unexpected Venue

First impressions are key. Start off strong and set the expectation for a visually intriguing event from the get-go! Go for something non-traditional like an industrial chic distillery or brewery, a museum or library, a state park or natural landmark with a beautiful landscape, or something wild like a zoo or an aquarium.


Don’t be shy or feel discouraged about incorporating a theme or themed elements. Recognizable references can add a fun twist to any event and they’ll have your guests eager to post! Do, however, keep it on-trend and tasteful. Some ideas to consider giving a nod to might include travel, historical events, and hobbies, or go the pop culture route with famous songs, movies, or TV.


Nothing is more eye-catching than a statement pattern and the creative possibilities are infinite. Look for ways to amp up essential elements that would traditionally be solid, like tablecloths or linens, men’s ties, or bridesmaids dresses.

Creative Escort Cards

Is there really any other way to display escort cards than assembled so neatly the sight would inspire awe? No matter what means you use, keep it highly aesthetic. Though, you may also consider forgoing the traditional paper tents for something more exciting, like a champagne glass wall, fresh citrus fruits with hand calligraphy, feathers, keys, lanterns—anything goes.

Hand Calligraphy

Talented calligraphers can write on almost any medium these days. Traditional items might include, wedding invitations, ceremony programs, table assignment cards, and menus. Take it a step further and include handwritten details in surprising places, like glass or acrylic signs, pieces of agate, cookies or other edibles, or embroidered on napkins or handkerchiefs.


You may automatically assume an install at a wedding would be comprised of flowers or greenery, but don’t limit your imagination to hanging florals or wreaths. Go beyond and consider including a balloon install, actual canvas art, or dramatic drapery in place of florals.

Foodie Trends

Repeat after me: The camera eats first. From creative tiny bites during cocktail hour to mouthwatering signature cocktails to dinner and decadent dessert, don’t miss an opportunity for an Insta-worthy meal. These days, caterers stay busy creating equally beautiful and delicious dishes to keep your guests’ eyes and stomachs satisfied. A few foodie trends include onsite food truck catering, bite-sized comfort foods, pun-ny food names, and dressed-up casual desserts.

Fun Favors

If your budget will allow it, send your guests home with something fun and personal. Think customized shot glasses, mini bottles of champagne or cocktail kits, tiny succulents, koozies, or handmade items like handkerchiefs or monogrammed cookies. Have these items lined up or stacked neatly on a table by the exit and there you’ll give your guests one more irresistible photo op for the road!

Credits: Kaley Kocinski

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