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What to Do With Your Registry After Postponing Your Wedding

Apr 6, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Postponing your wedding isn’t ideal, but things come up that are out of your control, and your loved ones will understand. First, you should communicate your postponement to your guests as soon as possible. Once that’s done, you can focus on other things — like what to do with your gift registry after postponing your wedding.

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about registry etiquette for a postponed wedding:

Should you take your registry down?

There’s no need to take your registry down since you’re postponing your wedding and not cancelling it. Guests may even want to help you during this time of uncertainty by giving you your wedding gift now rather than waiting. Most wedding registries like Zola allow you to update your registry with a note explaining the postponement to keep your guests extra informed of the changes while also giving you a platform to thank your guests for their understanding and generosity. 

Should you return any gifts received?

If you’ve already received gifts from your guests, there’s no need to return them. Your wedding is still happening, just a little later than anticipated, so guests probably won’t want you to return their gifts. Usually, gifts are only returned if the couple cancels their wedding completely.

That being said, if you feel uncomfortable keeping the gift, or the gift hasn’t shipped yet, usually your registry provider can assist you with returns or cancelations. 

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Should you return any cash received?

The same reasoning applies to cash gifts as physical gifts, so there’s no need to return any cash received since the wedding is still going to happen. If you feel uncomfortable keeping it, you can absolutely return it as well.

If a guest reaches out to you and requests the cash be returned to them, it’s best to return it, no questions asked. It’s possible that a person has fallen on hard times or is experiencing a personal issue, so just oblige their request without any issues. Use a service like Paypal or Venmo so the transaction is documented.

Should you thank guests now or later?

Both. If you plan to keep the gifts and cash, we recommend sending out a thank-you note now to personally show your gratitude and let them know you received the gift safely. After you have the wedding, you can send a second note thanking them for their attendance and again for the generosity of their gift.

How should you best communicate with guests regarding the registry and any postponement information?

Your registry should have the option to update the list with a note explaining any unforeseen circumstances, so utilize those capabilities. Also, use your wedding website as the central hub for communicating with your guests. All updates should be added and located on the first page of your website for easy guest access. 

Continue moving forward with your new wedding date!

Try not to worry about the registry details for a postponed wedding, and try not to feel greedy or guilty when discussing gifts. Honest communication is what’s most important during situations like these.

If you’re still putting together your wedding registry, take a look at these gift ideas that include outside-the-box presents such as subscription boxes and honeymoon experiences.

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