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35 New Year's Eve Wedding Ideas

Mar 16, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve wedding ideas? We’ve got you covered with 35 options — ranging from glitz and glam to practical — for every major category of this theme. Plus, we take a look at the pros and cons of New Year’s Eve weddings along with advice on how to save money and other things you should consider if you want your big day to fall on December 31.

Explore 35 New Year’s Eve wedding ideas to help you celebrate in style

Ideas for the midnight countdown

Go against the grain with these unique ball drop celebration ideas that will entertain guests and have you ringing in the new year your way.

1. Play a well-timed video of your biggest relationship moments to coincide with the countdown.

Edit 10 minutes’ worth of photos and clips from the beginning of your relationship up to your engagement and include a wedding getting-ready photo for your midnight image.

2. Put on a surprise performance for some extra special entertainment when the clock strikes twelve.

Have your bridal party perform a choreographed dance or, if you’re musical, sing a duet with your new spouse.

3. Add a faux countdown at 9 pm.

Save money on your venue or adhere to strict out times with this simple hack. Win over elderly guests and parents with young kids in the process.

4. Swap confetti drops for throw streamers.

Use this tutorial video to learn this easy and highly visual trick.

5. Project the New York City ball drop onto your venue wall.

Bring your own projector or borrow one from the venue, and be sure to test the WiFi out ahead of time to make sure the stream goes smoothly.

Put these New Year's Eve wedding ideas to use at the perfect venue!

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Budget-friendly venue ideas

Book any one of these fabulous venues for under $5,000 to keep your holiday ceremony and/or reception as budget-friendly and elegant as possible.

6. Say your vows at The Mining Exchange.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Enjoy the black and white art deco interior of this chic yet affordable New Year’s Eve wedding venue.

7. Tie the knot in the Bell Tower on 34th.

Location: Houston, Texas

Book the Bell Tower on 34th for your New Year’s Eve wedding if you want to enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces that look and feel like a mansion.

8. Celebrate with family and friends at the eclectic International Museum of Surgical Science.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Picture your New Year’s Eve wedding surrounded by marble floors, columns, and statues while overlooking a lake.

9. Host your wedding at The View on the Hudson.

Location: Piermont, New York

Celebrate at The View on the Hudson if your ideal venue has an opulent ballroom, stunning waterfront windows, and crystal chandeliers.

10. Dance into the New Year at The Ultimate Skybox at DiamondView Tower.

Location: San Diego, California

Take in fireworks displays across the entire city of San Diego at this unique venue.

New Year's Eve wedding ideas for decor

Use a few simple-yet-stylish-themed items found at most party stores or online shops to help make your wedding venue perfect for the holiday.

11. Arrange a decorative New Year’s Eve photo prop table.

Stack plastic black hats into a pyramid, arrange stick signs into gold striped vases and hang Mardi Gras style beads from candelabras.

12. Put vintage clocks on all your tables.

Opt for dials with Roman numerals for an antique touch or spray paint them gold and black to make a mismatched collection look like a set.

13. Add gold sequin table runners.

Place clear glasses, bowls, and candelabras on top to keep the focus on the runners.

14. Write the cocktail menu on an ornate standing mirror with a dry erase marker.

Use an antique picture frame without the backing to create the same effect but smaller.

15. Line the aisle with large faux peacock feathers in clear glass vases for extra texture.

Mix black and white feathers together for a slightly eclectic look or go monochrome to keep the focus on your wedding party entrances.

Centerpiece ideas

Use pieces you already have or upcycle everyday objects to create a memorable table display.

16. Fill tall hurricanes with gold and white glitter ornaments.

Reuse Christmas tree ball ornaments or purchase them on sale the week after.

17. Have a New Year’s Resolution bowl on each table.

Place tiny envelopes with slips of papers and decorative pens in assorted jars for each guest to write their resolution on and keep as a wedding favor.

18. Spray paint empty champagne bottles with silver glitter.

Tape large number stickers to the bottle before you spray paint them then peel them off after they’re dry for an easy table number sign.

19. Display New Year’s Eve photo props in mason jars.

Choose props made from higher quality paper with striped or dotted sticks in one uniform theme or collection to make them look more appropriate for a wedding.

20. Group disco balls in varying sizes together to create a sparkly display.

Select one large, one medium, and one-to-three mini disco balls to add height and extra visual interest. Place flower arrangements on top of or around the disco balls to up the romance factor.

Food ideas for your New Year's Eve wedding

Keep friends and family full all night long as they drink and dance into the new year with these mouth-watering treats they’ll be sure to talk about long after the wedding is over.

21. Impress friends and family with mini steak and fry skewers.

Skewer one side of a thin cut piece of steak, add on three-to-five skinny fries and then skewer the other side of the steak to create a C-shape with the meat.

22. Serve cheese fondue at every table.

Include delicious dippables such as black bread, green apple slices, and crispy bacon.

23. Have a DIY champagne bar.

Let guests pour their own champagne and add in fun mixes such as berries, flavored syrups, and cotton candy.

24. Make shrimp cocktails with a kick.

Try Ina Garten’s easy sauce for a perfect DIY New Year’s Eve treat with a twist.

25. Surprise wedding guests with these delightful New Year’s Resolution cookies.

Ask your caterer to make these champagne glass-shaped treats that crack open to reveal a New Year’s Eve fortune and an outpouring of rainbow sprinkles inside.

New Year's Eve wedding ideas for cake

Keep your cake base simple with solid fondant tiers in a few classic New Year’s Eve colors. Add some texture, pops of color, and unexpected patterns to make your wedding cake stand out.

26. Layer textured white, gold glitter, and solid white cake tiers.

Add edible gold flakes or silver ball garnishes for a little extra style.

27. Add tufted gold frosting to the edges of a solid black cake.

Top with a sparkler pom pom, gold and silver wreath, or styled noisemaker.

28. Top a marble fondant cake tier with a rose gold one.

Serve on a glossy black or acrylic cake stand to complete the look.

29. Light real sparklers around the cake for the perfect New Year’s Eve photo opp.

Double-check to see if your venue will allow them first though!

30. Stencil a white damask print to a black cake base and top with black, gold, and white dipped roses.

Or try a lace print for a vintage take on this easy cake decoration.

New Year's Eve wedding dress ideas

Play with vintage, modern, or art deco inspired styles to create a wedding dress look with a little extra pizzazz.

31. Choose a vintage feather skirt for some old school glamour.

Or look for faux feather capes and headbands for some perfect wedding accessories that blend into the overall look.

32. Select a beaded sweetheart bodice to bring in lots of fun texture.

Pair with textured shoes or add a beaded brooch to the top of your shoe to create a totally unique look.

33. Dazzle wedding guests with a sequin kimono.

Keep hair and shoes simple and pair with a faux fur wrap for warmth.

34. Wear a shimmery white mermaid gown.

Wear your hair long and flowing with a few trendy bead or glitter clips for this slightly boho New Year’s Eve outfit.

35. Skip white altogether and wear a black, gold, or silver wedding dress.

Use fun accessories such as neon pink shoes or a lace wrap to up the drama.

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about New Year’s Eve weddings

Is a New Year’s Eve wedding a good idea?

If you love glamorous designs and want lots of dancing, drinking, and high energy celebration at your reception, then yes! But keep in mind that a New Year’s Eve wedding also means expensive holiday travel for all of your out of town guests and potentially higher venue and vendor prices, especially if you aren’t able to plan the wedding 12 to 18 months ahead of time.

Is it more expensive to have a wedding on New Year’s Eve?

Oftentimes, yes. It’s a holiday, so venues, staff, and entertainers often charge a premium for their time. However, there are plenty of ideas you can try to limit your spend, including:

  • Start the ceremony around 8 pm so guests can have dinner ahead of time, and serve lots of appetizers or desserts instead of a sit-down meal.

  • Skip real flowers since fresh stems are more costly during winter. Opt for unique decor items, plenty of candles, and New Year’s Eve party props or decor instead.

  • Swap a traditional wedding dress for a fun sequin gown or glitzy cocktail dress as a cheap yet on-theme alternative.

Cap off your New Year’s Eve wedding ideas list with even more great tips

You’ve got your New Year’s Eve wedding countdown, venue, decoration, centerpiece, food, cake, and dress all taken care of! You also know more about ways to plan and save on a holiday wedding. If you’re still not sure if a New Year’s Eve wedding is the perfect fit, take a look at our guide on how to choose the best day to get married. Or consider these beautiful Christmas wedding ideas for even more holiday wedding inspiration.

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