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How to Choose Your Engagement Photo Location

Oct 10, 2018
By Wedding Spot

When it comes to choosing your engagement photo location, there are endless options, and they vary from couple to couple. While we’re not going to go location by location, we are going to give you a few tips to help you get started. Happy searching!

Explore tips to help you narrow down your engagement photo location:

First, talk to your photographer. They are the expert! The photographer may have locations in mind that they know work for the type of style/vibe you want. Do you lean towards light, airy photos? What about black and white, dark and moody, or colorful? Photographs require more than simply a click of a button — other factors, namely light and background, can affect the outcome. See what your photographer recommends so that you can have a great experience and walk away with photos that wow.

Photograph means “record of light.” So, photos are best when there’s lots of light! This could mean natural or artificial lighting, but think about places where natural light is abundant.

On to locations. If you love the vintage or rustic aesthetic, see if there is an open pasture near your home (bonus points for the classic white farm fence and a barn). Joyful, playful photos can happen on the beach (depending on what coast you’re on, schedule for sunset or sunrise)!

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Estates can also be a fun place to take photos. Classic architecture often adds a romantic touch. Be sure, however, to check with your photographer — some properties require a permit. Think about local parks or gardens, especially if you live near one that is iconic (for example, Central Park). Generally, these two types of locations offer great lighting and simple backgrounds.

A simple Google search can also help you find exactly what you need. Do you live in San Francisco but you can’t think of anywhere to go besides the Golden Gate Bridge? A quick search for “best engagement photo locations in San Francisco” should do the trick.

Above all, remember that the location doesn’t have to be trendy — think about a place that is important to you and your partner, and do an engagement shoot there! Don’t be too concerned about the background. They can add nice touches and details, but remember, you got engaged, not the location! At the end of the day, your photos are going to focus on you.

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