Here’s the Perfect Time to Book Your Wedding Vendors

Here’s the Perfect Time to Book Your Wedding Vendors

Keeping track of all the vendors you need to hire and when to hire them can be one of the most challenging aspects of wedding planning. If you’ve been wondering what time is optimum for booking your wedding vendors, you can find a quick-and-easy guide below!

One Year Before

Wedding Planner
First things’ first: If you’re hiring a helping hand, they should be the first person you book. Get a date on their calendar and start briefing them. Wedding planning time goes faster than you might think!

Wedding Venue
Not only do you need to secure your wedding date, but many other vendor bookings and major decisions will rely on your venue. Establish a place and time for your big day before moving forward any further.


Top quality wedding photographers are always in high-demand so it’s important to find and book them as far in advance as possible.

10 Months Before

Unless food is included in your venue package, start hunting for a great caterer as soon as you book your location. Many caterers have a limited number of events that they can accommodate in one weekend so jump on a company you love quickly.


A great officiant can make or break a ceremony. If your venue doesn’t have a recommended officiant, then be sure to start looking early. This is doubly true if you have a lifelong friend or family member in mind. Treat them like one of the wedding party and ask them early!

If having a top-quality wedding video is high priority, it’s worth looking into this vendor a little earlier. Much like photographers, the best talent will be booked up quickly. However, if this is more of a “nice-to-have” in terms of wedding priorities, then take your time finding this vendor.

8 Months Before

Depending on where you live, a great florist can be few and far between. Luckily most florists can do multiple weddings in a day and don’t have their schedules as jam-packed as other wedding vendors.

7 Months Before


Seven months in, you should have an idea of what kind of entertainment you want at your reception. Live bands can be a little harder to book, so consider locking them down further in advance than a traditional DJ.

Most wedding planners contend that while not top priority, taking the time to research and hire a quality transportation company is essential to helping your big day run smoothly.

Hair and Makeup
While not top priority, it’s important to find and lock down a hairstylist and/or makeup artist that you love quickly. This is especially true if you need them booked for the entire day or if they’ll be styling multiple members of your bridal party.

6 Months Before

Here’s-the-Perfect-Time-to-Book-Your-Wedding- Vendors-4.jpg

Cake Baker
Most bakers can accommodate multiple weddings in a day, but you should give yourself plenty of time so you schedule a tasting far advance.

3 Months Before


Lighting Company
Most lighting companies have a multitude of options to choose from and can hit multiple venues in a day so booking only a few months before the big day is perfectly acceptable.

Other Rentals
For little rentals like linens and chairs, it’s usually easier to book vendors only a few months in advance.

Need to track how and when to book your vendors? Take a peek at our handy Wedding Planning Workbook!

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