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15 Gifts to Give Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

Jan 15, 2020
By Wedding Spot

Looking for a gift to give your groom on your wedding day? Here are the answers to your most burning gift-giving questions as well as some shoppable links to products that will surely touch his heart.

These gifts range from the traditional to the creative and each one allows you to customize it for your partner. You’ll also find that we chose items that are fairly affordable. Even if you aren’t sold on these particular ideas, these will give you a good jumping-off point for your search. 

15 Sentimental Gifts to Give Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

1. Engraved Wood Watch 

Watches are a traditional gift for the groom from the bride. But this wood version gives it a modern twist. Add a small note on the back along with your wedding date and initials. 

Where to Find It: Etsy

2. Book of Love Letters

If you’re good with words, why not write a short book about how much your groom means to you? DIY it or purchase a hardbound version with prompts that will inspire you. 

Where to Find It: Heartfelt Books

3. Illustrated Version of Your Love Story 

Give your partner a hand-drawn map of where you’re both from, where you met, where you live now, and even where your families are. This charming illustration is a beautiful decor piece that will remind you both of how lucky you are to have found one another. 

Where to Find It: Etsy 

4. Map of the Stars on the Night You Met

Got an astronomy lover on your hands? This gift is an actual map of where the stars were on the night you met. It’s romantic, symbolic, and a great conversation piece. 

Where to Find It: The Night Sky 

5. Personalized Leather Ring Tray 

Gift your partner a handsome ring tray with a personalized message inside. Your quote or saying will make them smile every time they remove or put on their ring. 

Where to Find It: Paper Anniversary

6. Canvas Print Pet Photo 

Your pets are part of your family too, so why not include them in your gift-giving? Grab your groom’s favorite photo of them and have it printed on quality canvas. 

Where to Find It: Shutterfly 

7. Engraved Cuff Links

This is a perfect gift to give your groom on your wedding day. Personalize your message or use his initials to make him feel extra special. 

Where to Find It: Zales

8. Soundwave Art

You both probably spent a lot of time coming up with the perfect first dance song, which is why this sentimental gift is guaranteed to put a smile on his face. An artist will take your song’s sound file and print the waves on a beautiful glass or paper display. 

Where to Find It: Etsy

9. Vinyl Mixtape

Share a personalized playlist of songs that remind them of you or put your most romantic wedding day music choices on this personalized vinyl record. This one of a kind gift is perfect for audiophiles and has a fun retro vibe all at the same time. 

Where to Find It: Vinylify

10. Memorial Bracelet

If your groom is missing a loved one, help them feel connected on your wedding day with a memorial bracelet. There are lots of beautiful versions out there, but our favorite one uses a thumbprint (which you can obtain using tape over any of the loved one’s past belongings) as well as their name and an engraved message. 

Where to Find It: Etsy

11. Handwritten Wallet Message

Grab a light-colored wallet and a waterproof permanent marker, then write a heartfelt note to your loved one. This one is easy to DIY but there are professional versions if you’d like something a little longer lasting. 

Where to Find It: Etsy

12. 3D Photo Lamp

Use your first kiss wedding photo to create this really interesting lamp. It’s romantic and super unique! You can also use this idea to memorialize a photo of your groom with a loved one or even a beloved pet. 

Where to Find It: Funawaken

13. Wedding Anniversary Snapshot Paper

This unique-to-you print displays facts about the year and day of your anniversary in a newspaper format. Not only is it a great conversation piece, but it’s also a helpful reminder for your groom! 

Where to Find It: Personalization Mail 

14. Compass 

For the outdoorsman in your life, grab a customizable compass and write them a heartfelt message for your wedding day. Bonus points if your message relates to something about your journey together. 

Where to Find It: Personalization Mail 

15. Personalized Love Book 

Ever wondered what a cartoon version of your love story would look like? Wonder no more with this gorgeous Love Book. Send a photo along with your text and receive a hardcover book of your favorite couple story. You may even want to read it to your kids one day.

Where to Find It: Love Book Online 

Frequently asked questions about gifts to give your groom on your wedding day

  • Do brides give grooms gifts? This an optional tradition but if you’d like to treat your groom to something special before or after your big day, make sure you pick something sweet and romantic. It doesn’t have to break the bank either - some of the best sentimental gifts for grooms from brides are both thoughtful and affordable. 

  • How do I surprise my groom on our wedding day? Besides exchanging gifts, you can easily surprise your groom with a special music request, guest appearance (be it a long-distance family member who couldn’t afford to travel or college friend in the military), or even something as simple as a handwritten note passed to him by a bridesmaid before the ceremony. 

  • What is a good gift for the groom from the bride? Now is the time to express how and why you love your groom. Consider what his love language is and gift accordingly. Also, keep track of any romantic things he complimented his friends for doing in the past. Anything that has inspired an “Awwwe” from him should give you a clue. 

Speaking of wedding gifts … have you taken care of your wedding registry yet? Here’s how to come up with a list you and your partner will both love.  

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