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Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar Ideas: 25 Fun Options

Apr 1, 2022
By Wedding Spot

Searching for an affordable yet show-stopping way to serve drinks at your bridal shower? Need some creative add-ons and table setting ideas that are sure to delight guests? If so, these bridal shower mimosa bar ideas have you covered.

In this post, we reveal our top picks for tips, tricks, and trendy bridal shower mimosa bar ideas. Whether you’re looking for a mimosa bar theme that matches your wedding design or you need suggestions that go beyond the usual fruit mix-ins, we may have just what you’re looking for.

Discover 25 tasty and crowd-pleasing bridal shower mimosa bar ideas

Planning a bridal shower mimosa bar

When you’re in the bridal shower planning stages, many of the traditional ideas for a bridal shower mimosa bar seem easy enough. But once you get into the nitty-gritty, you’ll find that there’s a lot to consider. Whether it’s your venue’s layout or the extras you’ll need to get drinks in the hands of your guests, you’ll need to keep the following in mind to plan a successful bridal shower mimosa bar.

1. Come up with a budget for booze, mix-ins, and a serving station. Make a list of everything you’ll need to make your vision come to life, then price out the individual items. See if you can borrow or buy used before you pay full price for anything. Here are some items you’ll likely need to include:

  • Champagne
  • Juice
  • Serving carafes
  • 1 glass per person
  • Mix-ins
  • Containers with serving utensils for mix-ins
  • Bucket
  • Ice
  • Table
  • Table decorations
  • Straws
  • Signage
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2. Figure out your bridal shower mimosa bar layout. If you’re using a buffet layout, start with glasses on the very left. Then follow with the juices, champagne, and mix-ins. End the table with straws, napkins, and accessories as needed. This basic order can be adapted for any style table.

3. Choose a serving style. Guests can either serve themselves at the bridal shower mimosa bar or you can hire a bartender to pour and mix. The DIY version doubles as a fun activity but will require help for maintenance and cleanup throughout the event. A professional bartender costs more but is ideal for larger groups or a more upscale venue.

4. Assign a mimosa bar attendant. Ask or hire someone to refresh the bar throughout the party. Have them grab trash, clean up spills, and refill containers as needed.

5. Coordinate on-site setup with your event venue ahead of time. Put your beverages in the refrigerator at the venue as soon as you can so they’re cold enough to serve. Set up the decor and containers for the mimosa bar ahead of time. Wait to chop fruit and pop bottles until just before the first guest arrives.

6. Estimate how much alcohol you’ll need to buy. For the average champagne pour, you can expect to get as many as eight mimosas out of one champagne bottle. Plan on guests having two to three mimosas each.

7. Brainstorm fun flavor combinations. Orange juice is always a crowd-pleaser, but if you want something more unique, try a seasonal idea such as sherbert balls or pink lemonade for a summer party. You can also add fancy garnishes such as fresh lavender or rosemary sprigs.

8. Order your groceries ahead of time. Save yourself the trip the day before or the morning of the bridal shower by scheduling a delivery through a grocery app. Or order curbside pickup to speed the process along. It may seem like a minor detail, but once you’re in the throes of party planning, a trip to the grocery store may be the one thing that throws off the whole day.

Bridal shower mimosa bar ideas for supplies

Not sure what else you may need? Thinking through what the table will look like and what experience you want guests to have will help you plan everything out. Consider adding interest to your spread with the following fun suggestions.

9. Serve a diverse array of juices. Why have just one when you can have 3-5 different delicious juices? We personally love to see orange, grapefruit, watermelon, pineapple, pear, cranberry, and lemonade on our mimosa bars.

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10. Satisfy both sweet and spicy cravings. Most mimosas are sweet, but adding an unexpected flavor option will really get guests talking. Add a hint of spice with a jalapeno garnish. Or go in a different spice direction and set up a cinnamon sugar rim station with a spiced apple cider mix-in.

11. Include traditional and unexpected mix-ins. Traditional mix-ins include citrus slices and berries. But did you know that treats such as a drizzle of honey, a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds, or even peach chunks will be a hit, too?

12. Choose pretty glasses, straws, and pitchers. Textured glassware in pretty hues can make your bridal shower mimosa bar that much more beautiful. Striped straws or eco-friendly metal ones make drinks easier to sip. And if you choose to grab matching pitchers, make sure they come with a lid to keep pests away.

13. Safely store perishable ingredients. Buy produce as close to the event start time as possible. Keep items such as juice, berries, and ice in a clean and cold storage solution. If your bridal shower is in the spring or summer, make sure there's a fridge on site to store ingredients and leftovers to prevent spoilage.

14. Consider on-site juicing. If you’ve got a working kitchen space at your bridal shower venue, consider hiring a paid or volunteer juice attendant to fresh squeeze or process your mimosa juices. If the party is small enough, drinks can be made to order. Otherwise, make fruit juices in batches right in front of guests.

15. Keep bottles cool with ice buckets. Cool your champagne and wine bottles before, during, and after your event with standard ice buckets. You can also use a large tub for both the bottles and the mix-ins by pushing the ingredient bowls farther down into the vessel.

Pro tip: Expert mixologists suggest wrapping ice buckets in towels to keep ice from melting. Use a clean, checkered kitchen towel to create a charming display.

Bridal shower mimosa bar ideas for the display

Bridal shower mimosa bars can be the centerpiece of any celebration if the display is pretty enough! Whether you’re a first-timer or are familiar with creating table decorations, here are some ideas we love. 

16. Turn a vintage trunk into a mimosa display. Open the trunk and place a box of ice for bottles or vintage linen napkins and vessels holding straws. Place this at the center of your table as the focal point with a sign above the table that says “[Bride’s Name]’s Mimosa Bar”. Or, go a step further and use a vintage cabinet like the example below. 

17. Draw your menu on a chalkboard. We highly recommend using chalk markers instead of regular chalk chunks for a cleaner look.

18. Keep the bugs away with lidded serving tools. Bees, beetles, and ladybugs may want to participate in the festivities too. Keep your mimosa bar invite-only with lids. You can also opt for reusable beeswax wraps or olive oil stoppers for juice bottles.

19. Use a bar cart to serve your bridal shower mimosa bar in tight spaces. Have a small, indoor bridal shower planned? Snag your underused bar cart and repurpose it for this event! Keep your serving display to a single open bottle, one juice, and three mix-in options with glasses and extra supplies on the bottom.

20. Neatly organize build-your-own serving options. Use matching bowls or mismatched bowls of similar sizes to streamline the look of the table. Keep metals in the same color family to create cohesion. Align like items with items such as a neat row of bowls containing chopped fruit.

21. Thrift vintage glassware for juice pitchers and bowls. Go for an entirely mismatched look of glasses that have one design element in common. This can be a diamond pattern, blue tint, or even a jar shape. As long as there is one unifying trait all the glasses have in common, they'll look good. You may even get lucky and find an entire punch bowl set with matching cups, which is another great option for serving a bridal shower mimosa bar. Look in local thrift stores or shop for vintage glassware online.

22. Feature locally-grown and in-season fruits. Hit up your farmer’s market for inspiration. There may even be a fruit your region is known for. For example, Ojai, California has seasonal Pixie tangerines that would be perfect for a bridal shower mimosa bar.

Bridal shower mimosa bar ideas for decor

Not sure how to make a mimosa bar really pop at an event? Besides aligning the color scheme to the event, there are some basic yet impactful actions you can take.

23. Craft a theme. You may be wondering how champagne can be themed, but there are many different ways to theme a bridal shower mimosa bar. For example, a country-themed mimosa bar may use buffalo-checked tablecloths and mason jars. On the other hand, a beach-themed mimosa bar could use seashells and tiki torches to adorn its spread.

24. Make it colorful. Mimosa bars are meant to be fun, so make sure the colors you choose are bold and exciting! If the bride is more into minimalist or modern styles, you can still keep it colorful with different shades of one hue. Or go all out with a disco or rainbow-themed bar display.

25. Add height to the display. If you’re wondering what’s missing from your mimosa bar, the answer might be levels. Use platters, boxes, tall candles, and fresh floral bouquets to add visual interest to the table as a whole.

You’re all set to design a one-of-a-kind bridal shower mimosa bar!

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