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The beauty of the Pacific Northwest flows from all corners of Oregon's scenic landscape. From the misty coasts and the majestic mountains of Bend to the charming city of Portland and more, Oregon embraces the relaxed air of the west coast to offer perfect dreamy wedding destinations whether you’re envisioning a woodland fairytale soiree within the Deschutes National Forest or a glamorous indoor country club celebration overlooking Mount Hood.

Ecotrust Event Spaces Weddings in Portland OR
As a unique and interesting space where historic, original architecture meets modern sustainability, the Ecotrust building in the heart of Portland’s Pearl District is the ideal space for a beautifully intimate and romantic wedding ceremony and reception. The picturesque city skyline and garden atmo... See More
Juniper Preserve Weddings in Bend OR
When you’re planning your wedding celebration, you only want the best. If you want a venue as unique as your love and want to experience the best Oregon has to offer, look no further than Juniper Preserve. Imagine, exchanging vows in a sunset ceremony on the resort’s event island. The island provide... See More
Lakeside Gardens Weddings in Portland OR
Lakeside Gardens
Portland, OR
Lakeside Gardens blends tall cedars, weeping willows, fountains, gazebos and lakes surrounded by a garden paradise. Swans glide across the water as a waterfall gently cascades into the lake. It’s a place of magical beauty and perfect for your wedding. Evenings at Lakeside Gardens are gorgeous year r... See More
Rocky Butte Summit Weddings in Portland OR
Located in Northeast Portland, Joseph Wood Hill Park at Rocky Butte Summit is a historical venue with breathtaking landscape views around the Porland metropolitan area. You will be stunned by the 2.38 acre park surrounded by charming, rustic rock walls and lampposts. Acquired in 1988, the park is a ... See More